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Septic Systems | Maintenance of Septic Tank Systems

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For your home's septic tank and sewer works to keep functioning like they should and to maximize the life of the septic tank and pipes, a careful design of the system, proper installation, and regular maintenance of the septic system are required. Basic maintenance of the septic tank is necessary to prevent dirty, foul-smelling odors and bacteria from threatening your family's health and surrounding groundwater free of sewer pollution.

Extend a Downspout Away From Your Home

Extending Downspout

To avoid the water from collecting near your home where it can cause damage to the foundation or footing of the house and to keep the water out of your basement you can extend the downspouts to a set of drainage pipes that lead further away from your home.

The gutters are designed to channel the water off your roof after that the downspouts will channel the water away from your home. When the rainwater or water from melting snow and ice that gets carried off the roof by the downspout does not get channeled far enough away from your home, it will gather against the foundation and footings and it can eventually get into the crawlspace or basement.

Toilet Wont Flush

Toilet doesn't Flush

A very common bathroom plumbing problem is having a toilet that won’t flush properly or won’t flush at all. If the toilet doesn't flush at all, now matter how hard you pull the handle, then there could be a couple of things wrong with it, depending on the type and brand of toilet you have.

Concentric-float fill valve

The most common flushing mechanism used by professional plumbers nowadays is the more modern flush valve assembly that is all plastic with only a few moving parts and only one little circular rubber part controlling the flow of water to the tank, called a “Tank fill valve”. The newer concentric-float fill valve consists of a tower which is encircled by a plastic float assembly. Operation is otherwise the same as a side-float fill valve, even though the float position is somewhat different.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Hot Water Heaters

Water Heaters Efficiency

Did you know that in an average American household up to 40% of the energy bill is caused by by water heaters that supply your home of hot water? In this Plumbing How To we will show you that the type of hot water heating system you choose for your hot water supply will have a big impact on your energy costs, but there are also some simple things you can do improve the efficiency of hot water heaters and that will reduce the running costs of your existing hot water system.