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Septic System Failure | Septic Tank Repair

Septic System Failure

The key to septic failure prevention is good maintenance of your septic tank and plumbing system. With the help of a little do it yourself plumbing advice and consideration on what you actually throw down the kitchen sink and flush down the toilet. Failure of a septic system can result in sewage water backing up into the tank and even into your home’s plumbing.

How to Do the Plumber Journeyman Exam to Get a Plumbing License

Plumbing How To

The journeyman plumber exam is state-specific plumbing exam used to determine whether an apprentice plumber possesses all of the requirements and plumbing skills & knowledge that are necessary in order to perform any plumbing related work activities as a licensed journeyman plumber under the supervision of a licensed master plumber within a particular state.

Some states do not require that a plumber become certified or licensed in order to to perform plumbing work as a plumber journeyman, but before you start to perform any plumbing related activities it is important that you check with your local licensing authority first to see what regulations and laws are present in your particular jurisdiction.

How to Clean or Repair a Drain Stopper

Clean or Repair a Drain Stopper

The drain stoppers in your bathtub and lavatory sinks make use of some mechanical parts that can cause a lot of trouble. The drain stops catch hair and other debris, creating clogs that will eventually block your drain. The drain stopper sometimes gets bend or dislocated and then it won’t close properly anymore. Drain stoppers can become separated from the connecting parts and refuse to open or close.

Luckily most of these common problems are easily avoided by taking some preventive measures and are otherwise easy to solve by taking the sink stopper apart, cleaning the drain stopper’s part and resetting the handle adjustment. Most pop-up problems can be fixed with a wrench and a little lubrication.

5 Easy Ways to Save 1,000 Gallons of Water a Year

Water Conservation Tips

Over the last century, the population on earth has tripled, and our water consumption has even grown at twice that speed. The rising demand for good clean drinking water and the general trend toward urbanization has stressed our  groundwater supplies to the absolute breaking point, and water has now become one of the most precious resources on our planet.

Home Cooling Systems

Home Cooling Systems

Normally our first thought for home cooling will be air conditioning, but there are many alternatives that provide home cooling while using less or no energy. With a combination of proper insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, shading, and ventilation you will usually be able to keep a home cool with a low energy usage.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Efficiency

Air-Conditioning Maintenance

The following information should help you to assure that your Air-conditioning is keeping your home as cool as possible without wasting too much valuable energy. The information in this article can help you decide if you need a professional to service your Air-conditioning, to assure that the A/C keeps on working and cooling as efficiently as possible, saving you money.