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How to Find a Leak in Your Home

Find a Leak in Your Home

If you suspect a plumbing leak in your home, don't wait for it to get worse. Target the problem with these DIY tips and save yourself time and money by identifying the issue before calling in the professionals.

Water leaks on your home can cost you a bundle. However, how do you know you have one? Below are a few simple steps to help you identify a leak and target the issue before it gets out of control.

1. Toilet Check: Make sure your toilet is not leaking by removing the top of the tank and listening closely. If you hear any hissing. do your best to locate where the hissing is coming from. Determine whether or not the origin of the hiss is in a reachable area and whether you have the tools to fix it. For assistance, consult your trusted plumber.

Conserve Water with Electronic Faucets

Electronic Faucets

Electronic faucets or automatic faucets (sometimes called a sensor faucet) is a faucet with a hands-free mechanism for opening and closing the valves. Electric faucets are mainly used for public washrooms where they are an important tool for water conservation and to mitigate the spread of germs. With people becoming more environmentally conscious installing an electronic faucet is good way to save both water and money.

5 Easy Ways to Save 1,000 Gallons of Water a Year

Water Conservation Tips

Over the last century, the population on earth has tripled, and our water consumption has even grown at twice that speed. The rising demand for good clean drinking water and the general trend toward urbanization has stressed our  groundwater supplies to the absolute breaking point, and water has now become one of the most precious resources on our planet.

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