Split AC Diagnose And Repair Guide For Amateurs


Split AC Diagnose And Repair

Although a split system air conditioner can be very convenient, it’s helpful to know how to diagnose problems when they occur. In this article, we’ll attempt to cover a few of the most common problems that you might encounter and let you know how to cope with them.

Reduced Airflow

If you notice that your split system air-conditioner seems to be operating with a very low airflow, first check to make sure that the unit has not been switched into a very quiet operation mode. For example, some models have automatic modes that may operate with very little air flow normally if the unit senses that a higher-speed operation is not necessary.

After you have verified the settings of your air conditioner, you'll need to check and see if the internal air filter has become dirty. In some cases, it can get so clogged with debris that the amount of air flow that comes out is severely compromised. Finally, check the unit's exterior grille to make sure that it is not dirty, as well. It should be easier to inspect the state of the grille because it is located on the outside of the appliance.

Poor Cooling

If the unit is not cooling properly, this can be a severe problem, as well. First, check the basic things, such as the operating mode. If the unit is located in a very sunny room, the interior temperature may be too hot for the appliance to handle without being turned up to a higher setting.

Also, check to make sure that there is not an open door or window in the room where the unit is located. Furthermore, if you notice that the air coming from the unit is still cooler than the air within the general environment, it may be that the amount of people in the room is causing the unit to be overly taxed, and hindering its performance. If these solutions do not fix the problem, it may be time to seek professional assistance for additional ideas.

The Presence Of Smoke Or Steam

If you notice a fine mist coming from your air conditioning unit during certain operating modes, this may be normal, and the result of condensation. However, in the interest of staying safe, you may wish to call your local service provider, especially if you are suddenly noticing the symptom even after using the unit for several years.

Now that you’re aware of a few of the most common problems for these types of air conditioning units, you should be more able to manage them.

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