Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance


Septic Tank Cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance of septic tanks is perhaps a topic unheard of for those of that live in the city, but for owners of a home in more regional areas however, regular cleaning of your septic tank and maintenance to the system are a must to avoid problems and to keep the septic tank from getting clogged.

A Septic tank system on your property requires regular care and maintenance

A well functioning septic system needs little cleaning, but will still require ongoing care and maintenance to steer clear of the cost of repair and replacement. Even though you might not be having an obvious problem with your septic tank, when the tank gets overfull then the septic system it will stop working properly. Solid material might get into the septic tank and out through the absorption line and may eventually damage the septic system. Septic systems come with a responsibility to make sure that it is working efficiently, and that the waterways are kept clean.

Septic systems need to get regularly checked and cleaned

Have your septic system regularly checked and cleaned to ensure it's working efficiently. The newer styles of waste-water treatment systems nowadays have regular checks, and cleaning of the septic tank in the form of a maintenance contract, but for older septic tanks or traditional systems, you'll need to arrange the checks and septic cleaning yourself.

While it's possible for you to check the septic tanks sludge levels, it's not an easy job, and many people feel better when a professional plumber comes out to do the checking and cleaning of the septic tank for them. It is recommended that the levels of sludge in your septic system are checked annually.

Cleaning a Septic tank system

Once a septic tank starts to get full, a procedure called septic tank pumping will be used for the cleaning of the septic system. The desludging of the system should be done about every three to four years. This varies with the number of people using the septic system. If there's few people living in the house, then you can get by a bit longer on your desludging check up, but if there is a full household with five or seven adults, then your septic system will need cleaning more frequently.

Septic tanks and legal requirements

Legal requirements for cleaning a septic tank vary from state to state, so it's important to check with your local water authority or council what your obligations are. In addition to having your septic system regularly monitored and desludged, there is another way to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible, and that's to be careful about what goes into your septic tank.

Using the right septic cleaner

You've got to ensure that you don't kill off the microbes that make the system work by putting things like bleach in there. The chemicals and detergents that people will commonly use in the laundry and bathroom can upset the balance of your septic system, so always opt for brands marked 'septic safe'. 

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