SEO Keywords for the Plumbing Industry


SEO Keywords for the Plumbing Industry

A good company website for plumbers and contractors will get most of its visitors from the long tail search phrases, not 2-3 specific keywords. For plumbers to gain extra performance from your search phrases it is important that you put some thought into your SEO and the specific keyword phrases you want to target.

Long Tail Keywords and Search Phrases.

A common mistake plumbers make with search engine optimization is thinking that most of your traffic will come from a handful of 2- to 3-word "money phrases". Instead good plumbing company websites will get about 70% of their visitors from the long tail search phrases.

Where short tail keywords or search phrases consist of 1-2 words in length, long tail keywords or key phrases are 3-6 words long. Despite these long tail keywords being less popular, they are still used on a daily basis by searchers all around the world, they are a.) less competitive and b.) easier to rank well for without a ton of work!

How Can I Find Long Tail Keywords?

Finding your primary keywords and long tail searchphrases can be pretty easy, there are a few (free) tools available, from Semrush, iSpionage and Google Adwords.

  • Semrush: to get hidden keywords and low-cost keywords.
  • SEOmoz: seo and social monitoring made easy.
  • iSpionage: to download your competitions top keywords & effective ad copies.
  • Google Adwords: to find low-competition/high traffic keywords.

More SEO Tools here.

Primary Keywords for plumbers

The best keywords for plumbers are 2- to 4-word phrases that accurately describe the services you offer in combination with the locations you service. It is important to use everyday language because that is what searchers are likely to type in google or yahoo or aol. 2-4 word keywords aren't so competitive that you have no chance of getting onto the front page of the search engines.

The terms “Atlanta “or “plumber” or “plumbing” on their own are useless because they are too broad and there is too much competition for those keywords, instead you should focus on phrases like: “Best Plumber Atlanta”, “Plumbing Kitchen Atlanta” “Residential Plumbing Atalanta”.

Not only are long tail keywords easier to target, they will also give you a much higher quality of traffic, because you are offering exactly the type of service that the visitor searched for.

Putting the different search engine optimization keywords together

To find the search terms that are highly relevant to the type of plumbing services you offer, keywords that are popular enough that they'll result in decent amount of relevant traffic to your site, but not so competitive that you won’t be able to rank on the first page for them. Putting all the different search engine optimization keywords together is the real trick.

So how do you find out how all these different criteria work together? How popular should the keywords be, and how competitive can they be? The answer is time, a whole lot of time spent analyzing tweaking and correcting the content en keywords of your website.

Plumber Marketing, SEO & Link Building

Online succes in the plumbing and hvac industry starts with a website that can be found and is visible on the first page of todays leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and AOL. To get the highest possible ranking for your website you will need a good search engine optimization strategy.

Higher search engine rankings, better conversion rates and a relevant traffic increase is what Plumber SEO can achieve for your plumbing company website. Linkbuilding can improve the visibility of your website across the internet, especially on the major search engines. Learn how and where to get links here.

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