Plumbing Warranty, What to Expect?


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What consumers should expect in a plumbing warranty is at least a one year warranty on any plumbing repairs that have been done by a plumber. An exception to this rule is drain cleaning. Typically, a plumber will not offer more than a maximum of 6 month warranty on drain cleaning, some plumbers even offer a 30 days warranty only.

But because drain cleaning is a totally different situation, when the plumber is re-piping or modernizing your plumbing and fixtures, you should expect to get a at least a 12 months warranty then.

Different Plumbing Warranties

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • All Inclusive Warranty
  • Water Heater Warranty
  • Water Line Re-pipe Warranty
  • Sewer Line Replacement Guarantee
  • Customer Supplied Material Guarantee

Warranty Restrictions

Often plumbers will include warranty restrictions, stating that all warranties are subject to proper usage of the products. Negligence, user inflicted damage or abuse will void all warranties. All warranties are subject to full payment for the project, clients who pay too late or fail to make full payment may have limitations to their plumbing warranty. For more regarding Plumbing Warranties please contact your local plumbing company.

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