No Hot Water From Water Heater


Hot Water From Boiler

There's nothing worse than being in the shower and ice cold water comes from the hot water faucet. Finding out the problem and why you have no hot water is hard work, and it'll probably take you about half a day, this guide will show you how to find why you have no hot water from the boiler.

Check the power

Start off by checking that you have power going to the boiler, the boilers panel light should be on, and the boilers pressure gauge should be about 1 bar. Without power you will certainly have no hot water from your boiler.

Check the pump

Second, make sure that the boilers pump is running. If you have no hot water pressure you will have no hot water. You can check this by placing your hand on the side of the pump, when the pump is working you will feel some movement. You may have to take the side panels off the boiler to reach the boilers pump. If the pump is not running, you will have no hot water and you will need to get a qualified local plumbing expert in to investigate the problem.

Check the thermostat

It could be that the cause of the cold water is not a defect boiler, but simply because the thermostat on the boiler is set too low or it might even be powered off. Check that the boilers thermostat power switch is turned on and that the boilers thermostat controlling the water temperature is set to a high enough water temperature.

Check the Pilot Light

As you will understand it is crucial that the pilot light of the boiler is on when it’s needed. If it doesn't, then your hot water will not get hot at all. To re-light the boilers pilot light, follow the instructions in the manual of your boiler or on the side of the boiler.

If you tried all these boiler troubleshooting tips and you are still getting no hot water from the faucet, give the plumbing professionals a call.

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