How to Repair a PVC Plumbing Pipe


PVC Plumbing Pipe

PVC plumbing pipes and joints are quite commonly used around the home. The same as with other types of pipe, there could come a time that you get a problem with the plumbing and need to repair PVC plumbing pipe. In this plumbing guide you will find some advice on how to repair PVC pipes and PVC joints.

Ways to repair a PVC Plumbing Pipe

Repairing a leaky PVC plumbing pipe can be done in a number of ways. An easy way to repair small cracks in leaky PVC pipes is by applying a sealant to the cracked area of the leaking PVC pipe. Depending on the amount of damage to the PVC pipe, you may be able to repair the leaky PVC pipe this way.

If the damage to the plumbing is more severe, you will have to replace the damaged part of the PVC pipe. Just cut out the leaking part of the PVC pipe and replace it with a new piece of PVC pipe using two PVC joints, some PVC primer and PVC cement to keep the new segment of PVC pipe in place.

Replacing a section of PVC Pipe

Start by draining the section of pipe and then cut the PVC pipe, using a hacksaw, at least six inches on either side of the section with the crack.

Obtain a replacement section by cutting a piece PVC pipe with the same thickness as the original pipe to the length of the damages section, minus 1/4 inch.

Sandpaper the ends of the new bit of PVC pipe to remove any burrs from the plastic.

Now apply the PVC primer and PVC cement around each end of both the original and the new PVC plumbing pipe and then add a coupling to both ends. Sliding the PVC joints over both the newly cut segment of pipe and the original line, then twist the joints a little spreading the cement between the PVC joints. Allow the repaired PVC pipe to dry for 15-30 minutes before using.

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