How to Lower Summer Energy Costs


Air Conditioning Maintenance

This guest post was written by David Kiss

David has been in the heating and cooling business for many years, he is the owner of Precision HVAC, a New Jersey heating and cooling company that specializes in the installation of air conditioning systems in Northern NJ.

As the summer months approach many are already dreading the energy bills. Typically in the summer most people have the highest utility costs of the year. There are many different practical steps that can be taken which can help to reduce energy costs.

Proper Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep energy costs at a minimum in the summertime is by proper maintenance of air conditioning systems. This means calling a Northern NJ air conditioning professional to perform routine maintenance tasks. They can also advise homeowners on various ways to keep their particular system running optimally. Changing the filters regularly will help the unit be able to function at its best to keep your home comfortable. Inside the home, refrain from placing TV sets or lamps near the unit’s thermostat. Appliances can create heat which will be sensed by the thermostat and it will cause the air conditioning system to run longer than it needs to.

Also vacuum the system’s registers on a regular basis to keep dust buildup to a minimum. And make sure that there are no furnishings blocking the flow of air from the registers.

Keep Heat Producers to a Minimum

As the months warm up and we seek cooler environments, it is imperative to avoid heating up the house through our normal daily activities. Items that we are accustomed to using such as the stove or oven can contribute to much higher energy bills. Using the oven or cook stove during the hotter daylight hours can cause additional stress on Northern NJ air conditioning systems. Use other methods to cook meals such as microwaves or outside grills. A crock pot can be used to make one-pot meals; but will not heat up the house while you are trying to cool it off.

Also try to keep activities that tend to generate heat to a minimum. Turn off equipment such as computers and printers when they are not in use. Stereos and TVs can also add heat to the home. Try to use items such as hair dryers and curling irons at a minimum as well. Use them early in the morning if at all possible.

Proper Use of Appliances

Another way to help reduce the toll the heat takes on air conditioning systems in the summer months is to always do full loads. Wait on loads in the dishwasher and washing machine until a full load can be done. If it is a reasonable solution, try to air dry both clothes and dishes. Instead of indulging in long, hot baths take short showers.

Seal Air Leaks

Use weather stripping or caulk to seal leaks around windows and doors. This will help prevent hot, outside air from entering the residence and keep the inside cool. Be sure to seal any other type of air leak. And if it is possible choose energy efficient windows. This alone can help reduce summer energy costs drastically.

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