How to Get a Plumbing Site Higher in The Search Results


Plumbing Website SEO

A plumbing company website is often mainly focused on displaying the contractors services and business details on the site to it's visitors, but these few visitors often already know your business, it's name and/or your company website address.

More visitors to your plumbing website with better search results.

These returning customers make up for about 80% of your websites traffic, often resulting in a disapointing 100-200 visitors per month or less. However if we take al look at Google's search statistics we will see that there are litteraly millions of searches per month for plumbers and plumbing in the Unites States alone.

There are several ways to improve your websites visibility and page rank to get your plumbing website higher in the search results.

How to improve a plumbing website's pagerank on Google.

In order for a plumbing contractors website to get a higher page rank it is important to get links pointing towards your plumbing website on other "plumbing business" related websites.

Exchange links with plumbing related websites.

If you happen to come across a website related to the plumbing industry that you see has a page or block with links to other websites like yours, then send them an email with your websites details and ask then for an exchange. Websites with a higher pagerank will have a better effect on your own plumbing website's pagerank.

Content is king when it comes to search engines.

The best way to make sure you get higher in the search results is to place as much information about your plumbing company and it's services on the website.

  • Make separate pages for different service categories like Plumbing | Heating | Air Conditioning.
  • Give as much details about the processes involved in routine jobs.
  • Place your address on every page of your website, and mention your service area.

The website design coding and structure.

The layout and design of your plumbing website are also extremely important. Google and also humans will "read" your website's page from top to bottom, so make sure you put the information meant to atract customers at the very beginning of every page.

The use of Web Compliant standards like xHTML and XML will also help improve your ranking because your website will get indexed by the spider the that way it should, making sure nothing gets lost in the process.

The basic meta tags, description and keywords should be different for every single page of your website. Also add the geographic location of your website using meta information to target local searches.

Submit your site to free plumber directories.

Submitting your site to a plumbing directory is the easiest way to get a good plumbing related weblink to your website, if you have not done so yet, then please take a moment to submit your website to UsaPlumbing.Info for a FREE directory listing. Another website that will get you a lot of new customers is Angies List, make sure you get your company listed with them.

Also submit your website at:

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