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How to Fix Smelly Drain

We use our kitchen sink on a daily basis, and sometimes you get a foul smell coming from the kitchen drain. This how to article's remedy will explain how to fix a smelly drain with baking soda as well as some simpe ways to avoid smelly drains by keeping food and hairs out the drain.

Cleaning a Drain With Baking Soda

An good remedy to try to fix a smelly drain is to pour a cup of baking soda down your kitchen sink and let it work for 15-20 minutes before flushing the baking soda down the drain with a large pan of boiling hot water. After that turn off the garbage disposal and clean the rubber or plastic guard at the entrance to your drain. Then clean the pipes that run to the external plumbing using any commercial drain cleaner.

How to Stop Smelly Drains

In order to stop your kitchen sink or bathtub drains from smelling, you should take good care of your drains and try not to dump any food down the kitchen sink. To keep food and other debris out of your sink drain, you should have a sink strainer or sink stopper into your kitchen sink. If you install a kitchen sink stopper, make sure that the stopper closes properly. When the dink stop does not close properly read: How to Clean or Repair a Drain Stopper to get it fixed.

If any food bits do go down the kitchen drain then make sure that you rinse them down with enough water to get the particles past the sink p-trap.

To prevent a smelly bathtub drain, you shoud try to keep the amount of hairs that get flushed down the drain to a minimum, they can eventually lead to a slower drain, which in turn will allow smelly bits to settle more easily on the insides of the drain pipes. All you need to do in order to avoid this is to place shower strainers and bathtub strainer / stopper over your bathroom's drains to block the hair from slipping down the drain pipe.

Keep your Drain Smelling Fresh

If you put some left over orange or citrus peels down the garbage disposal then that will make the drain and kitchen smell clean and fresh. Just be carefull with citrus peels as the acid can corrode the inside of your garbage disposal.

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