Heat Up Small Rooms with a Portable Electric Space Heater


Portable Electric Space Heater

A lot of people buy a space heaters as a supplement to their existing heating system in order to conserve energy. There is a large variety of space heaters available in many different types so it's important to find out what kind of space heater is best suited for your requirements.

A large part of the heater selection process should include where you're going to place the unit. Some electric heaters are meant for larger rooms and some are meant for smaller, so be sure to check out the heater guide at Air-n-Water for some helpful suggestions.

Portable Space Heaters

To keep rooms and personal spaces nice and warm during the winter with an electric space heater is an inexpensive way to add focused or supplemental heat to smaller areas of your home or office space. Most portable heater units are small and compact enough to be easily moved from room to room.

Most portable electric space heaters are incredibly versatile allowing them to be placed anywhere. Try to avoid placing them too close to furniture and always have them facing towards an open area of the room to maximize the heat distribution. Not only is this necessary for safety, but this also allows for the best heating efficiency possible.

Although most of the new electric heaters are very safe, they still should not be placed inside your bathroom. Most bathrooms have too little floor space and gets them to close to water, a serious safety risk. Remember, space heaters are electric units, so use the same caution as other electrical devices.

Portable Electric Space Heater Usage

To heat any space properly, most modern electric space heaters use ceramic heating elements combined with a fan forcing the air out. This allows for an even distribution of the heat with a near elimination of any fires or burns. Most modern portable electric space heaters include extra safety features as a “tip over safety switches” or “thermal cutoff” in order to minimize the risk of fire.

Convection or Radiant Heaters

A large amount of portable space heaters rely on convection, or the circulation of air inside the room to provide heat, others rely on radiant heating, which emits infrared radiation that directly heats objects or people within their line of sight. In terms of convection heaters, some of the best types incorporate the use of heated oil, which provides some heat storage, allows the heater to cycle less, and provides a more constant heat source.  These oil-filled space heaters are also popular because they are relatively quiet when compared to heaters which utilize fans.

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