Plumbing Terms - Glossary of Plumbers Terminology

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Waste stack

A waste stack also called waste pipe is a vertical pipe that carries discharge from the waste branches to the buried drains and is part of the sanitary pipework. An indirect waste pipe does not connect directly with either the house drain or the soil or the waste stack, but usually ends over and above the overflow rim of fixture that is water-supplied, trapped, and vented.

Water Purifier

A Water Purifier is a purifying systems vary from the very basic (reducing water's bad taste and odor) to advanced (removing everything from the water and automatically shutting off with you need to change the filters). Cost, storage capacity, and water usage are all factors in which system you purchase.

Wax Ring

A Wax Ring is located between floor flange and toilet as a seal to prevent leakage and fumes. It can also be provided with horn, which fits into the center of the waste pipe.

Well Cap

A well cap is a cover that is placed on top of a well casing that stick out above of the ground. The cap's main function is to keep contaminants out of the well's water supply.


In the plumbing trade a Yoke is usually a brass casting that holds both the hot and cold water valves and the mixing chamber for the water. May also refer to an assembly of copper or other metal which serves the same function.

Yoke Vent

A Yoke Vent is the pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste stack to a vent stack for the purpose of preventing pressure changes in the stacks.

York Flange

A York flange is a type of plumbing fitting that is inserted into the top of a hot water cylinder and purges the hot water of air before it is drawn off into the outlet. Normally york flanges are used in the feed for shower pumps.