Plumbing Terminology - T

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T&P Valve

A T&P Valve or Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve is a safety device used to expel excess pressure or heat from inside a tank.

Tee Fitting

A Tee Fitting also know as a Tee or T-fitting is used to either combine or split the waterflow. Most common are tees with the same inlet and outlet sizes, but 'reducing' tees are available as well. Tee fittings have three-ports and are in the shape of a "T".  Standard configuration ("Equal") indicates that the straight-through path (typically called the "run") and the perpendicular section ("branch") all have the same size ports.

Thermostatic Valve

A thermostatic valve is a pressure-balancing shower mixing valve with automatic temperature control. When the water temperature or water pressure fluctuates at the water inlets, a thermal actuator inside the thermostatic valve adjusts the hot and cold ratio maintaining the original temperature setting.

Trap Bend

A trap bend is a plumbing trap that is the shape of the letter S, J, U or P . Some shapes are disallowed in many parts of the country as they can create a siphoning situation, pulling water out of the trap.

Trap Primer

With a trap primer is meant a small feeder line that connects the water line directly to a drainage trap that releases a small amount of water into the trap in the event that it should run dry, maintaining a water seal inside the trap.

Trap Seal

With the trap seal is meant the height of the water inside a toilet bowl when it's "at rest". The water automaticaly provides the water seal which prevents sewer gases from entering your home. It is measured from the top of the dam down to the inlet of the trapway. The trap seal is also referred to as deep seal.