Plumbing Terminology - J

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J Bend

In plumbing with a j-bend also called a return bend is meant a trap section with a 180-degree bend, or a multi-piece P-trap..


In the plumbing industry a jacket usually refers to the heating jacket that surrounds the stuffing box on some pumps or the outer casing (shell) of a water heater.


Jacuzzi is a company that produces whirlpool bathtubs and spas. Its first product was a bath with massaging jets. The trademarked Jacuzzi name is commonly used to refer to any bath with water jets, and can thus be considered a genericized trademark.


A jigsaw is used for cutting tight curves as well as long, straight runs. Designed for use with wood, plywood, plastics, metal & some laminates.


Johnni-bolts are closet bolts, used to mount toilet bowls to the closet flange. These bolts are installed into slots in a closet flange, then a wax gasket is added and toilet bowl is set in place and johnni bolts are tightened down. They get cut and capped to finalize project.

Joint Runner

A joint runner is a colar like device made out of an incombustible material (such as asbestos), that keeps the molten lead poured in the bell of a joint in place while sealing a joints in cast iron pipe.