Access Panel

In the plumbing business wit an access panel is a covered opening in a wall or ceiling near a fixture that allows access for servicing a plumbing or electric system. After finishing a wall in your home you might have covered some pipes or valves that you will need access to in the future. The most problematic would be a water shut off valve that should be accessible. This is why you need to install a plumbing access panel. Access Panels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Wall Access - Use an access panel to access pipes, fixtures, couplings inside a wall by cutting an opening into the drywall or sheetrock and installing an access panel. Perfect for home plumbing installations.

Bathroom Renovation Projects - Replacing your bath tub with a new whirlpool tub? Need access to your wall. Look no further. With an access panel it is easy to install and easy to use.

Outdoor Pool or Hot Tub Installation - An access panel comes in handy when installing a swimmingpool pump valve and pool filter related equipment. Access panels provides easy access.