Washington Plumbing License Requirements

Washington Plumbing License

Inside the State of Washington a license is required for plumbing, and electrical trades. All plumbing businesses need to register with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. A WA Plumbing License covers any plumbing work including sanitary drainage, water supply, storm drainage, and natural gas piping.

Requirements for a Plumbers License in Washington

In oder to become a licensed plumber in the State of Washington all applicants will need to pass the "Business and Law" exam, and have prior approval from the Washington Department of Labor and Industries - Contractor's Registration Section before testing.

Applicants will also need to have at least 6,000 hours for Residential Specialty and 8,000 hours, of which 4,000 must be commercial, for Journeyman.

Applying for a Plumbers License

An application for licensure can be obtained from the Contractor's Registration Section of the Department of Labor and Industries, Send the complete license application to the Treasurer, State of Ohio at the address listed below.

Department of Labor and Industries
Contractor's Registration Section
P. O. Box 44450
Olympia, WA 98504-4450

Telephone: (360) 902-5226
Website: https://wws2.wa.gov/lni/bbip/contractor.asp

State Licensing and Exams

Licensing and certification requirements for plumbers are usually determined at the state level and tend to vary slightly from state to state. Often, the job of enforcing and regulating these requirements falls to individual municipalities. To check the requirements for a plumbing license in a particular state select your location on the the State License Requirements page.

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