Oklahoma Plumbing License Requirements


In the state of Oklahoma a plumbers license is issued by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. In order to obtain a OK plumber license from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, to conduct the trade or business of plumbing, applicants must first pass the state of Oklahoma plumbers exam.

State of Oklahome Plumbing License

To become a plumber in Oklahoma, an individual has to begin the process with an apprenticeship, before becoming a journeyman plumber, and finally, becoming a fully licensed plumbing contractor. A journeyman may supervise up to three apprentices and act as the job foreman. A candidate for journeyman's license must have 3 years of verifiable plumbing experience while employed by a licensed plumbing contractor. Candidates for a plumbing contractor's license must have 4 years of plumbing experience.

The journeyman plumber exam has s a $75 fee that needs to submitted with the application. To obtain a plumbing contractors license.  There is a $330 fee to apply and take the exam. All candidates must be approved for examination.

How to Apply for an OK Plumbing License

The application form for a Plumbing License can be obtained from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board website or at the address below:

Construction Industries Board
2401 NW 23rd, Suite 5
Oklahoma City , OK 73107

Website: https://cib.ok.gov/plumbing
Phone: (405) 521-6550

After completion of the application and examination process for a contracting licenses You have to also submit proof of a $5,000 Corporate Surety Bond made payable to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, as well as a certificate of insurance with a minimum of $50,000 in general liability insurance. 

State Licensing and Exams

Licensing and certification requirements for plumbers are usually determined at the state level and tend to vary slightly from state to state. Often, the job of enforcing and regulating these requirements falls to individual municipalities. To check the requirements for a plumbing license in a particular state select your location on the State Licensing Requirements page.

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