New Mexico Plumbing License Requirements

New Mexico

Contracting without a license inside the State of New Mexico is against the law. The New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department’s Mechanical Bureau Construction Industries Division provide inspections for the mechanical and plumbing industry and enforces the state adopted codes, standards and licensing. 

Requirements for a New Mexico Plumbing License

In New Mexico the requirements include a completed apprenticeship program and becoming a journeyman plumber before eventually being eligible to work as a licensed plumbing contractor. 

The Apprenticeship

Apprentice plumbers are required to have a minimum of 144 hours in related classroom hours that are offered by either a local plumber’s union, independent plumbing courses via community colleges and/or special trade schools.

Journeyman Plumber

To become a journeyman plumber have to complete an apprenticeship to acquire experience in fieldwork. And you must take the New Mexico plumbing journeyman written and practical exams and pay the $30 application free.

Plumbing Contractor

To become a Plumbing Contractor in New Mexico the applicant must have least 4 years and 8000 hours of experience in the trade. To acquire a plumbing contractor license (MM-I) you must take and pass an exam consisting of a business and law exam and trade knowledge exam.

Applying to get your NM Plumbers License

To apply for a plumbers license in New Mexico, applicants must contact the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department where they can submit an application. Along with the application you have to provide an affidavit signed by the registered plumber who supervised your apprenticeship.

Construction Industries Division
Regulation and Licensing Department
2550 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone: (505) 476-4700

State Licensing and Exams

Licensing and certification requirements for plumbers are usually determined at the state level and tend to vary slightly from state to state. Often, the job of enforcing and regulating these requirements falls to individual municipalities. To check the requirements for a plumbing license in a particular state select your location on the State Licensing Requirements page.

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