Louisiana Plumbing License Requirements


Inside the state of Louisiana all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work that exceeds $10,000 requires a Louisiana plumbing license. In Louisiana, you can become an apprentice plumber at the age of 16. The average salary of a plumber in Louisiana is between $14.87 to $ 30.63 per hour, depending upon the experience of the worker.

State of Louisiana Plumbing License Requirements

Journeyman Plumber License

A candidate for journeyman plumber must have at least 5 years or the equivalent of 8,000 hours of full-time experience in the plumbing. After you have completed your apprentice program, you can apply to take the Journeyman Plumber’s exam. A Journeyman Plumber is only permitted to do repair work with their Louisiana plumbing license.

Master Plumber License

A candidate for master plumber must hold a journeyman plumbing license or a current restricted master plumbing license or a Louisiana Professional Engineers license with at least 5 years experience in the plumbing trade. A licensed Louisiana master plumber is unrestricted regarding the type of plumbing work they can perform in the state of Louisiana.

Work that can be Done Under this Plumbing License

A Master Plumbing License covers unlimited plumbing work including sanitary drainage, water supply, storm drainage, and natural gas piping except for Medical Gas and Water Supply Protection.

A Journeyman Plumbing license allows you to do basic installation, assembly of plumbing, as well as repair of water flow and drainage systems.

Applying to get your Texas Plumber License

To apply for a license, you need to hold a driver’s license and you also need a clean criminal record. To obtain a Louisiana plumbing license please contact the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana at the address below or download an application form from the website. You can find all applicable forms at the State Plumbing Board of Louisiana Forms page.

State Plumbing Board of Louisiana
11304 Cloverland Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: 225-756-3434
Website: https://spbla.com

State Licensing and Exams

Licensing and certification requirements for plumbers are usually determined at the state level and tend to vary slightly from state to state. Often, the job of enforcing and regulating these requirements falls to individual municipalities. To check the requirements for a plumbing license in a particular state select your location on the State Licensing Requirements page.

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