Common Bathroom Renovation and Repair Problems

Before you begin your bathroom renovation job or any major repairs you need to consider the following plumbing issues.
Bathroom Renovation Problems

It's possible to start a bathroom renovation project or repairs without even considering any underlying plumbing issues, but to take this approach usually ends in disaster. Some plumbing problems are easily fixed and easy plumbing jobs can be safely done by the handy homeowner, but more difficult bathroom renovation issues should only be repaired by a licensed plumber - it's important to know the difference.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Before you begin your bathroom renovation job or any major repairs, do an audit of the current plumbing problems there might be with your system and setup. You need to consider the following plumbing issues.

Problems with Fixtures:

  • Are the fixtures damaged, old, leaky (for reasons other than an old seal or a faded washer) or corroded?
  • Are the fixtures water saving and energy efficient?

They should be replaced with new plumbing fixtures or repaired if the results indicate this.

Problems with the Structure or Design:

  • Are there any major structural problems, such as rot, serious leaks or blockages that need repairs?
  • Are walls strong and thick enough to support any plumbing changes you plan to make, such as a new shower or bath?

Common Plumbing issues:

Check for serious leaks, bad oder problems, slow drain problems, sinks or other outlets with issues, mould growth and other serious signs of common plumbing issues.

It's a good idea to check all of these plumbing issues before performing serious plumbing renovations or repairs. If in any doubt, as always, seek the help or advice of a local plumbing company to solve your plumbing problems.

Plumbing Repair for Common Problems

It is importance that you understand the difference between simple plumbing issues that you can repair yourself and those that require the help of a licensed plumber. For insance when you have problem with your sewer, touching the sewerage system in your home for repairs or renovations, is both illegal and dangerous, so always call a plumber if you need to repair a problem relating your sewer system. But fixing a simple problem like a blocked drain can be easily done by the homeowner. You should however never go beyond unclogging the sink (undoing the pipe under the sink, with a bucket underneath) to clear out any blockage and simple repairs. Any further plumbing problems requires calling a qualified plumber or plumbing expert.

Plumbing renovation work for homeowners can extend to replacing fittings, changing washers, and clearing simple blockages.

Bathroom Renovating and Plumbing

The main bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, a bathroom's renovation and repair therefore easily pays off, however always plan the plumbing repair or renovation ahead and take into account the fundamental plumbing needs of your bathroom - and, more specifically who exactly will be do the renovation or repairs. Don't forget to factor any jobs requiring a professional plumber into your budget. Most importantly, always choose a licensed, reputable, qualified plumber. If in doubt, the USA Plumbing Directory can offer consumer advice and support. Be sure to check certification of your chosen plumber before any work begins.

The golden rule of plumbing repair, as with anything, is: if in doubt, call a plumber! You don't want to be taking chances with the type of renovation and plumbing repair that can flood part (or all) of your home. Instead, be extra carefull to make sure that a small leak problem doesn't become a flood.

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Consider First Your Bathroom Plumbing

When you are considering renovating your bathroom, you should also consider the plumbing. If any plumbing problems arise, then it must be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damages. One thing that you can do is to talk to your contractor about details regarding your bathroom as well as its plumbing system for you to better understand how to care and maintain for it.

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