As Winter Hits, Comfort Systems Offers Tips on How to Get the Most from a Heating System

A lull in winter weather is no reason to neglect maintenance for a heating system. Even with the majority of their customers experiencing higher than normal winter temperatures, the Tennessee HVAC experts at Comfort Systems want to keep customers informed about several things they should do to make sure heating systems are working properly.
As Winter Hits, Comfort Systems Offers Tips on How to Get the Most from a Heating System

Nashville, Tenn (PRWEB) January 10, 2013 -- A round of harsh weather can hit at any time. As seen recently in the Midwest and Northeast, one strong weather system can cause temperatures to plummet from cool and comfortable to freezing and frigid. Middle Tennessee has yet to see many consecutive days of serious winter weather, but that is not to say chilly weather is not following closely on the tails of this most recent winter storm. The residential and commercial heating professionals at Comfort Systems believe one should always be prepared for unpredictable extreme temperature changes.

There are five simple things a home or business owner can do to reduce the chances of their heating system malfunctioning while saving money on energy costs during the coldest times of the year:

  1. One of the most important parts of the HVAC system is the filter. Changing filters on a regular schedule can prevent many heating issues. Over time filters become clogged with dirt, dust, mold and other harmful particles causing poor heating efficiency. Blockages will increase your monthly energy costs as the system will continually run and can also lead to more serious mechanical failures.
  2. Inspect and change heating ducts before winter weather is even an issue. Check for holes or bends in the ductwork that might cause leaks or a decrease in airflow. Damaged and poorly maintained ducts will waste heating power and lead to higher energy bills.
  3. Have a familiarity with your heating system. There are many different types of commercial and residential heating systems and each can have their own common problems. Many outages occur at the worst times when a professional is needed right away. In the event of an emergency if a customer knows the exact model of their furnace finding the right solution is that much easier.
  4. If the system is older than 10 - 15 years, it is time to get that system replaced. Comfort Systems states that many of these older systems not only cost more money to repair, but an old system can present additional hazards to a home or business and the people who spend their time there.
  5. Have a programmable, functioning thermostat installed. This is one of the easiest ways to save money on heating costs and will also help reduce the chances of system failure due extended periods of heating.

There are a handful of things homeowners and businesses can do on their own to make sure their heating system is ready to beat back the harsh winter weather. However; the best way to keep an HVAC system functioning at high levels, helping save money on energy costs and providing peace of mind, is having a professional full-system inspection. Comfort Systems states that many Middle Tennessee residents may not be prepared when the cold weather hits due to the unusually temperate weather in the past few weeks. It is never a bad idea to make sure a furnace and heating system is performing at top levels in the event that unexpected harsh weather moves into the region.

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