Touch2O® and New Touch2O.xt™ Technologies Introduced in the Bathroom

Touch-activated and hands-free residential lavatory faucets from Delta Faucet Company offer ultimate functionality.
Delta Faucet Touch2O Technology

INDIANAPOLIS - When Delta Faucet introduced Touch2O® Technology in 2008, it revolutionized the kitchen faucet experience. Born of ethnographic research and human behavior studies, Touch2O Technology satisfied an unmet and unarticulated need to enhance the way users turn on the faucet with messy hands and turn off the water when water is not needed between tasks.

"Almost immediately after we launched Touch2O Technology for the kitchen, consumers wanted a similar solution for the home bathroom," said Scott Collevechio, Delta brand product manager. "Our designers and engineers ultimately landed on two options that help homeowners use water more intuitively in the bathroom with less mess and hassle."

Lavatory faucets from the TalbottTM and Lahara® bath collections are now available with Touch2O Technology, allowing the user to tap the faucet on or off anywhere on the spout or handle. For an even cleaner experience, Addison® and Lahara® models feature Touch2O.xtTM Technology - "xt" for extra technology - that also offer an entirely hands-free experience.

Addison Single Handle Lavatory Faucet with Touch2O xt Technology

About Delta Lavatory Faucets with Touch2O and Touch2O.xt Technology:

Three operation modes:

  • In manual operation, the user can control the flow and temperature of water by moving the handle to the desired position
  • With Touch2O functionality, the user can tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start or stop the flow of water. Water turns off automatically within one minute on the lavatory after the faucet is tapped on.
  • With Touch2O.xt Technology, the user can also have an entirely hands-free experience in addition to the Touch2O tap functionality.

Touch2OxtTM Technology features a 4" sensing field around the entire faucet. The faucet automatically responds when user approaches the sensing field - no infrared sensor is used. Moving hands out of range intuitively shuts off the water flow within seconds when not needed, helping to save water. When hands are messy, you can start the flow of water without touching the faucet, helping keep you and your bathroom cleaner.

LED mode indicator: Blue LED flashes to indicate that the faucet is in hands-free mode and remains constant to indicate the touch feature is activated. It turns red when batteries need to be replaced. Requires 4 AA batteries. Under normal operation, batteries should last approximately 18 months.

Other Features:

WaterSense® Labeled [1]: Delta Faucet Company takes its role as a WaterSense partner very seriously and is committed to working with the EPA to encourage efficient use of water resources and actively protect the future of our nation's water supply. WaterSense labeled lavatories from Delta Faucet use 32 percent less † water and perform as well or better than their less efficient counterparts.

DIAMONDTM Seal Technology: DIAMONDTM Seal Technology combines a durable DIAMONDTM Valve (a ceramic cartridge embedded with diamonds) with InnoFlex® PEX waterways. The valve requires no lubrication, eliminates wear on seals, and ensures "like new" operation for the life of the faucet, lasting up to 10 times longer than the industry standard. [2] The InnoFlex waterways eliminate potential leak points and are less hassle to install. Water does not come in contact with potential metal contaminants once inside the faucet, meeting current state specific and upcoming national legislation. [3]

Variety of finish options: Lavatory faucets featuring Touch2O Technology are available in Brilliance® Stainless finish. Touch2O.xt models are available in chrome, Brilliance® Stainless and Venetian Bronze® finishes. The Addison collection also offers the Champagne BronzeTM finish.


  • Lavatory faucets featuring Touch2O Technology are available now.
  • Addison lavatory faucets featuring Touch2O.xt Technology are available now.
  • Lahara lavatory faucets featuring Touch2O.xt Technology are available now.

1] WaterSense is a registered trademark of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

† Based on flow rate for lavatories of 1.5 gpm versus Industry Standard ASME.A112.18.1/CSA.B125.1 of 2.2 gpm

[2] Standard based on ASME 112.18.1 of 500,000 cycles

[3] California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953) and Vermont Law No. 193 (S152) and upcoming national legislation mandate that the weighted average lead content in pipes, fittings and fixtures used to convey drinking water cannot exceed 0.25% on wetted surfaces.


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