The Story of How Squatty Potty Came to Be

The Squatty Potty story begins in the home garage of Bill and Judy Edwards in sunny St. George, Utah where they developed the perfect design – a stool that would prove to be attractive, effective, comfortable and convenient.
How Squatty Potty Came to Be

To set the scene, it is May 2010 when Judy finds herself struggling with health complications, including serious colon issues. To assist her in going to the bathroom, doctors recommend that Judy elevate her feet while sitting at the toilet. Judy decides she will try anything for relief.

With the help of Bill and their son Bobby, Judy (affectionately called Mamma Squatty Potty) began gathering boxes and stools and canisters to serve as platforms to rest her feet on while eliminating. Immediately she started noticing benefits, but she didn't like having the clutter of boxes and cans in her bathroom. Neither did Bill.

That’s when Bobby came up with the idea of designing a fitted platform that would store discretely under the toilet. As he set out to create the perfect toilet stool for his mom, the process proved to be more challenging than he expected. The Edwards family became immersed in researching colon alignment, interviewing doctors and nurses, visiting with pelvic floor and alignment specialists, and talking with natural health experts. Their goal was to find the perfect height and position that would result in maximum relief for Judy.

For birthdays and other special occasions, the Edwards family gifted prototypes of bathroom stools to loved ones and friends. Their feedback became critical in developing the perfect design – a stool that would prove to be attractive, effective, comfortable and convenient.

Once the Bill and Bobby had reached construction perfection, and with delight at Judy’s success and the enthusiastic support of family and friends, the Edwards family realized The Squatty Potty needed to reach far beyond their own hometown. In December 2010, they produced as many stools as they could manage and delivered them as Christmas gifts. Within two weeks, word spread and requests for purchases started pouring in. This marked the beginning of commercial production of The Squatty Potty. 

Mamma Squatty PottyToday, just two years after the Edwards family journey began, The Squatty Potty product line includes three popular models including the Original Squatty Potty, the economical plastic stool, and the new Zen bamboo stool. Manufacturing these toilet stools nonstop, the Edwards family is now shipping between 600-700 per month. Purchases have come from customers in each of the 50 U.S. states and in countries including England, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, China, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada and Wales. A distributor has also just been signed in Korea.

For Mamma Squatty Potty, her delight in The Squatty Potty business comes from sharing something that has given her much personal relief and comfort to her family. She recently received a welcome Mother’s Day gift when Bill and Bobby gave her a shiny key to the new Squatty Potty Central production warehouse just around the corner from home. She is thrilled to be able to park her car in the garage again. And Bill and Bobby are happy to be close enough to Mamma Squatty Potty’s kitchen to be able to walk home on their lunch break.

Worldwide customers have been calling Squatty Potty Central to learn more about what is being lauded the most comfortable and convenient way to help the body assume its natural squatting position for colon elimination.

On May 21, a major daytime television health show featured a product review of The Squatty Potty declaring, “It works!” to national audiences.

And for all the excitement and buzz about The Squatty Potty, the Edwards family remains committed to keeping the business close to home and centered on products that are family-oriented. Developing each new product at the kitchen table, the Edwards have found that their success comes from putting family first. Bill and Judy are parents to seven children and grandparents to 21 – each and every one a proud and loyal user of The Squatty Potty.

An education video and more information on how the Squatty Potty works can be found here.

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