San Jose Water Treatment Systems Installation Experts at Triple A Plumbing Are Now Offering $200 Off a New Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Triple A Plumbing in San Jose is now offering consumers a discount for a new reverse osmosis water purification system. A $200 off discount is available until 12/31/2013 for water treatment system installation in San Jose.
Triple A Plumbing - San Jose Water Treatment Systems Installation Experts

San Jose, California (PRWEB) April 21, 2013 -- Water treatment system contractors and plumbers in San Jose at Triple A Plumbing are now offering a new discount. Customers who purchase a new reverse osmosis water purification system to be installed before 12/31/2013 can receive $200 off. “We are offering this deal because we want to make having high quality water available for the most affordable price possible,” says Heath Pyles, Owner of Triple A Plumbing. “Having impurities removed from drinking water has long been known to be the healthiest choice.”

There are a number of common water purification methods in San Jose that range from simple filters or water softeners that attach directly to a faucet all the way to advanced systems that are installed under the counter or at other points in the home or business. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are considered to be the best option in San Jose for obtaining the cleanest water. This process means that water is forced through a semipermeable membrane and the undesired substances cannot pass through. “The most common type of San Jose plumbing and water purification system we sell is the RO or reverse osmosis system. This is because carbon based water filters don’t do as good of a job removing impurities,” says Heath. “For people who are extremely budget conscience carbon filters may be a good option because they are less expensive than a reverse osmosis system and they improve the taste of water significantly when compared to no filter at all.”

In addition to providing water treatment systems and filters Triple A Plumbing is a full service company providing plumbers in San Jose to homes and businesses. “We handle all types of plumbing repair from a small faucet leak to the complete installation of a new plumbing system. We have video camera inspection equipment for sewer lines and the best equipment available for drain cleaning in San Jose,” says Heath. “Since we believe strongly in preserving the environment we are also usually running a special for tankless water heater installation in San Jose.”

Triple A Plumbing also provides AC repair in San Jose. “We are a full service plumbing and HVAC company. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We are fully licensed and insured and if an air conditioner can’t be fixed because it is beyond we repair we offer the lowest prices on A/C replacement,” says Heath.

To learn more about Triple A Plumbing please visit their website. Consumers are also invited to inquire about the new reverse osmosis water filtration system discount being offered. People can also view their informative online videos about plumbers in San Jose.


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