S-B Industries Introduces R1A1 Blind Rivet Tool from Lobtex Co. Ltd

The new blind riveter has high strength-to-weight ratio and can set standard blind rivets in diameters up to 3/16”.
S-B Industries Blind Rivet Tool

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) May 01, 2012 -- S-B Industries Inc. introduces to North America industry the newest innovation in blind rivet tool technology from Lobtex Co. Ltd, makers of the world renowned Lobster® Tools line of blind rivet and rivet nut equipment. The new model R1A1 is a big tool built in a small blind riveter package. The R1A1 rivet tool has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio with 2,248 lbf of traction power yet only weighs 2.4 lbs. This combination of weight and strength sets this rivet tool apart from the competition. Lobster even located the center of gravity around the comfortable grip to achieve a lighter feel. With stellar features, Lobster model R1A1 is setting the pace for ergonomic rivet tool technology. Standard blind rivets up to 3/16” diameter in all materials can be set using R1A1.

“For volume rivet assembly applications in the Automotive and Appliance industries for example, worker fatigue can be a real problem,” said Michael Mervis, Vice President Sales and Marketing for S-B Industries. “At less than 2 ½ pounds, R1A1 is 35% lighter than other leading riveters with the same strength capabilities.”

blind rivet toolAn integrated vacuum mandrel collection system is activated on the R1A1 rivet tool with an easy push on, push off button. When not in use, the off position reduces air compressor usage and costs. Plus a low air consumption air circuitry design further helps to cut costs. These helpful new designs are built for the modern factory that is looking for production quality tools that will help conserve energy.

R1A1 is equipped with a 90 degree swivel air fitting which is accessible from either side of the tool allowing workers maximum flexibility. A long stroke of ¾” (.750”) enables R1A1 to efficiently set most blind rivets in one trigger actuation. And a reduced diameter frame head of nearly ¾” (.767”) will help achieve access for hard to reach areas.

The new R1A1 joins a stable of ergonomic riveter and rivet nut setters manufactured by Lobtex and marketed by S-B Industries. Since 1985, the Lobster Tools brand of riveting equipment has helped manufacturers around the world assemble products using the most advanced engineered tooling available.

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Based in St. Louis, Missouri, S-B Industries specializes in developing cost effective, innovative solutions for the rivet tooling and component sourcing needs of clients throughout the United States and abroad. For more information about S-B Industries innovative new Lobster Tools Riveter R1A1, visit their website at s-bgroup.com, e-mail at sales(at)s-bgroup(dot)com, or call 1-800-543-1011.

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