Rooter Medic Offers Special Sewer and Drain Services to Pittsburgh

Rooter Medic, Pittsburgh’s exclusive drain and sewer plumbing company, is offering special services and solutions for customers throughout the Pittsburgh region. Rooter Medic provides a variety of services for a home’s underground plumbing system, with urgency, efficiency, and advanced technology.
Rooter Medic Offers Special Sewer and Drain Services to Pittsburgh

Rooter Medic uses the latest in sewer and drain equipment, technology, and solutions in order to provide effective and efficient service. Their services are designed to address clogs, backups, pipeline breaks, and root intrusions, as well as to repair plumbing systems. Some services provided by Rooter Medic include sewer and drain cleaning, video inspection, tree root removal, and trenchless sewer replacement. Rooter Medic also addresses plumbing problems related to sinks and toilets, such as deep-rooted clogs and sewage backup. Each type of sewer issue can be properly detected through a sewer video inspection.

A sewer video inspection is one of the first steps in identifying and resolving problems that usually cause clogged drains, backed up toilets and other plumbing issues within a home. Rooter Medic offers a free sewer video inspection to customers who may be experiencing a sewer line problem. A Rooter Medic plumber arrives at a customer’s home with a miniature, hi-tech camera head that is snaked into a sewer line up to 200 feet. The camera records images as it is fed through pipelines and the images can be viewed on a high definition monitor. Any obstructions, root growth, breaks, etc. are recorded by the camera in order to determine the exact cause of clogs and backup. Both Rooter Medic plumber and homeowner can view the images on the monitor to see exactly what is happening deep within the sewer line.

State-of-the-art devices used by Rooter Medic, such as sewer cameras and monitors, make identifying sewer and drain problems easier and more accurate. Other devices include locators, cleaning equipment, and replacement tools that simplify otherwise complex work. Trenchless sewer replacement is one process that eliminates the need for large-scale excavation and related costs.

Rooter Medic plumbers are experienced and continually trained in sewer and drain solutions, and employed after an extensive background check and drug screen. They are able to explain each of the processes they complete and to involve homeowners in their decision-making process, as well.

Rooter Medic is available for emergencies, repairs, inspections, and maintenance 24/7, 365 days of the year. Pittsburgh residents can turn to Rooter Medic at any time if they experience a plumbing issue in their home or would like to schedule a free sewer video inspection. Customers can also visit to learn more about all of the services that are offered.


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