Repipe Specialist Blows Whistle on Substandard Plumbing, Announces Lifetime Guarantee

The quiet “death” of old pipes may be more widespread than commonly known. Substandard contractors may not give them lasting new life.
Repipe Specialist Blows Whistle on Substandard Plumbing

January 02, 2013 -- Leading California Copper Repipe Specialist, MasterServ, announces a level of service touted as second to none with “guaranteed for the rest of your life” service on repiping homes and businesses. This announcement comes in light of the widespread, gradual deterioration of plumbing systems throughout the state. Many homes have reached a point of not only leaking pipes, under-the-house slab leaks pooling water under the house and other major devaluing issues, but according to a company source, replacement of such systems with lower quality materials can turn a repair solution into a soon-repeating problem.

“The quiet ‘death’ of old pipes may be more widespread than commonly known and substandard contractors may not give them much new life,” said a company source. He continued, “Property and home owners can be shocked after they have spent significant dollars to replace their pipes, when they find out that substandard materials were in use in both original construction and repiping.” Explaining further, the spokesperson cited soft copper pipes and galvanized metal pipes among the offending construction materials used respectively in new construction or renovation of homes and buildings.    
Symptoms apparently include things which can be health hazards and home destroyers, such as rusting, polluting the water, soaking the walls, mold and mildew and even destabilizing foundations.

MasterServ has decided to boldly blow the whistle on this widespread situation by putting out a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee looks essentially like a strong commitment to have one’s plumbing system fully operational for the rest of one’s life, but to understand its claims and coverage fully, one can contact them through their website.

The company boasts a team of in-house technicians versus subcontracting their work out. This may be considered a significant plus in many home-owner’s minds. Certainly it gives a higher loyalty image and lends a stronger accountability for the quality of work done and overall condition of the new plumbing.

Although one can make complaints about poor quality pipe repair and replacement after the fact, it behooves the consumer to understand what is being done with one’s home as much as possible. And while one may not understand all the technical details – and can even be confused by some, the lifetime guarantee lends a big hand in quieting any fears in consumer minds about what they are getting, since it allows use of the system for a long time after work is one and money is paid.

For someone who wants to research this company, hire it or know more about what they do, they can start with their services overview.


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