Out of Work Joliet Plumber Promises New Jobs For Other Out of Work Plumbers

Joliet, IL October 23, 2011 -- C&J Services-go green is taking a new approach to growing their new business which is social media. Using social media goes against what many other Joliet plumbers have been doing for years before and has caught their eye.

Many plumbers in and around the Joliet, Illinois area have all but closed their doors due to current economic times, but that seems to be different for C&J Services-go green. Like a weekend in Vegas owner Jim Leipart has grown his plumbing services business by all but “betting the farm” on online marketing.

Jim says, “Most of our calls have been repeat business but now we have opened a new funnel of customers by being online with a optimized website and Facebook.” Jim also included that with this new found source of leads, he all but guarantees he will be able to give back to the Joliet area by hiring local Joliet plumbers who are currently out of work.

Common knowledge tells us there are thousands of web sites out there but C&J services-go green has enlisted the help of a local up and coming web marketing company, Local Business Lead King Co. located in Oak Lawn, IL. The Local Business Lead King, Co., a young company seems to have the right idea with the Hybrid Marketing Project, a solution for small businesses and the proof it works is only a click away, C&J services-go green company can be found on almost all of the Joliet plumber search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo not to mention the little time it took to achieve such impressive site positioning. So is technology what will help put so many back to work? We seem to think that might be a big part of the US economy’s financial re-stabilization.

C&J Services-go green is a local emergency plumber who services Joliet, Naperville, Plainfield and other nearby towns.

To learn more about C&J services-go green or how you can find employment with C&J Services-go green you can visit http://JolietILPlumber.com or
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