Orion Products Group, LLC Introduces SANDITS

SANDITS™ The New Patent-Pending, Disposable and Reusable Product is the Perfect Tool for Sanding, Shaping, Polishing, Removing Rust and Corrosion from Small or Difficult to Reach Spaces.
SANDITS Disposable and Reusable Sanding Sticks

Largo, Florida (PRWEB) October 02, 2012 -- SANDITS are the easiest, simplest and most convenient way to reach small and difficult to reach spaces to sand, shape, polish and remove rust and corrosion. SANDITS are reusable and disposable 6-inch “sticks” with each tear-drop shaped end coated with either 120 or 180 sanding grit, bonded with marine-grade epoxy making them perfect for a wide range of uses including:

  • Home hobbies such as model making, crafts and jewelry making
  • Automotive, motorcycle and bicycle maintenance and repair
  • Marine use and wet applications
  • Removing rust, corrosion, paint, grime
  • Smoothing wood, plastics and metal

“SANDITS have hundreds of uses,” said Paul Werlin, inventor of SANDITS and President of Orion Products. “They’ve been used on boats, motorcycles, wood-working projects, jewelry making, and auto maintenance, just to name a few. Their low cost and unique shape make them ideal for every toolbox and workshop in America."

Orion Products is planning additions to the SANDITS line with additional shapes and sanding/polishing grits for a wide range of home and professional uses.

SANDITS are currently available in packages of 10 with a suggested retail cost of $5.99 at their on-line store (plus shipping and handling). Retail outlets such as home improvement, hardware, auto parts, art supply and home hobby shops are expected to be carrying SANDITS in the near future. For more information visit: http://www.sandits.com/

Contact :

paul werlin
Orion Products Group, LLC


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