Old pipes causing trouble with kitchen sink

trouble with kitchen sink

Ed the Plumber: Advise on replacing old galvanized water lines that are connected to the kitchen faucet.

Question: Thanks for helping out all of us homeowners who have plumbing questions and need to be pointed in the right direction. We live in an older home and recently replaced our kitchen cabinets, countertop and sink. We especially love our new kitchen sink and faucet. Since the new sink is in the same spot as the old one, I reconnected it myself to the existing water and drain lines.

Well, now it appears that my old galvanized water lines have been blocked with rust and I'm afraid they will harm our new sink and faucet. I know I'll need a plumber, but what are some options we have to replace just the water lines going to the kitchen sink without disturbing the entire house?

— Fred, Rhode Island

Answer: Aside from the rust that can harm your new sink and faucet, remember that most kitchen sinks are the main supply of drinking water for a home. So, have your water tested as soon as possible. Once your water-quality issue has been addressed, here are three additional points to discuss with your plumber before starting the job.


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