Medit Inc Announces a New Inspection Camera for Multiple Purposes: "Voyager" Snake Scope

Businesses and individuals breaking into the NDT (non destructive testing) market often start by purchasing an entry level, universal inspection cameras. Medit Inc, one of the biggest suppliers of visual inspection devices, announced of a new product available for purchase on-line - Voyager Snake Scope.
New Inspection Camera for Multiple Purposes: "Voyager" Snake Scope

Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRWEB) April 08, 2013 -- Fiberscope’s Voyager snake scope is an advanced entry level inspection camera.The Voyager features three lengths (1,2,3m) and two diameters (5.5, 9.5mm) to meet differing inspection needs. The CMOS camera chip along with 4 LED lights that are built into the tip of the water proof probe provide clear bright images. Live video is shown on a 3.5” TFT LCD monitor with adjustable positioning for better viewing, and video or stills can be saved onto an included SD card. This snake scope is made to appeal to someone who wants the benefits of NTD inspection without the cost of a heavy duty industrial unit.

If a business or individual is looking into investing in an inspection camera it only makes sense to invest in the videoscope that supplies the options that will offer the best value and usefulness to the customer. The Voyager Video Borescope offers a large viewing screen, with many options for probe length and diameter. The smaller diameter probes are perfect for engine inspection and maintenance, walls and basic plumbing inspections, as well as allow users to visualize areas with even small access points. You may be interested to know what one of the first customers to buy Voyager wrote: “[The] screen is large and of good quality. Being able to adjust its angle makes working on cars much easier than say a fixed screen... As an amateur mechanic I would certainly purchase it again."
Inspection cameras are a great way to save time, and money, as well as provide concrete results from inspection, and would be a great addition to the tool kit of many small businesses and professionals such as mechanics, plumber etc. Choosing the right snake scope can be a challenge, but with a little research the best entry level scope for the job can be found.

About Medit Inc.

MEDIT Inc., based in North America, with an annual growth rate averaging 20% is fast becoming one of the largest on-line suppliers of visual inspection devices worldwide. The company serves a global market, with clients in over 38 countries worldwide and a growing network of international resellers providing rigid and flexible borescopes, pipe cameras, fiberscopes, as well as a full line of accessories.


Terry Peristerakis
Medit Inc.


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