Los Angeles HVAC Contractor Announces Launch of New Website

Air Builders Offers Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Upgrade Services to Keep Air Clean and Comfortable.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2013 -- Air Builders is launching a new website, http://www.hvac-la.com/ to help Los Angeles building owners and property managers keep air cool and clean. They offer commercial HVAC installation and replacement, HVAC service, repair and maintenance as well as HVAC upgrades and tenant improvements.

How would an air conditioning, heating or air ventilation failure affect your business? Many businesses, like medical facilities have contingency plans for an HVAC outage because it is so crucial to their business to maintain the proper temperatures and air ventilation. Equipment failure and natural disasters are among the most common reasons an HVAC shutdown occurs. A study done by the Disaster Recovery Journal found that 11 percent of respondents cited HVAC failures as the reason for an evacuation or business closure.

“Service is paramount to our business and we work effectively to provide solutions to our customers,” said Brian Smith, office manager of Air Builders.

Utility bills are often the greatest expense for a business owner or property manager. More than half of the bill comes from heating and cooling. High efficiency air conditioning and heating units can help save a substantial amount on utility bills every month. Air Builders can assess your company’s needs and recommend cost-effective solutions that best serve the facility. Their goal is to install an HVAC system that maximizes efficiency and comfort for your business with minimal disruption. Whether the HVAC system needs replaced for better energy efficiency, code compliance, and reliability or for aesthetic reasons; Air Builders are dependable, thorough and knowledgeable about the latest in technology. They are certified to install central, high-efficiency and ductless HVAC systems.

Routine maintenance can increase the efficiency of an HVAC system. Maintaining a heating and cooling system will keep it running at peak performance while avoiding unwanted costs. “We can tailor a maintenance plan for each business because every client has a unique space and different needs,” said Brian. Air Builders can service, maintain and repair air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems so they are performing at their best. They provide a comprehensive inspection and troubleshoot to diagnosis potential thermostat malfunctions, air flow problems or overheating. Replacing broken components, cleaning, lubricating, checking belt tension, and tightening electrical connections will provide smooth operation, pure air quality, and improved climate control performance. Their quality service and quick response times will keep the facility healthy and productive.

Tenants who find themselves in an older space or new facility that does not adequately meet their needs, could be due for air conditioning and heating system upgrades and improvements, replacement and retrofits. Air Builders stays current on the latest technological advancements made in the HVAC industry to offer customers the highest quality and most efficient equipment. “Many businesses are adding designated A/C units’ specific for computer server rooms. These systems need to be designed to reduce humidity and maintain a lower than normal temperature to keep servers running efficiently and protect expensive equipment,” reports Brian. Air Builders can educate the customer while implementing air conditioning, heating and ventilation designs to reduce peak electrical usage and multi-zone systems for balanced climate.

For more information about this company please call (661) 726-HVAC, (4822), or visit their website http://www.hvac-la.com/.

About Air Builders

Air Builders is a commercial HVAC contractor dedicated to providing excellent customer service to Los Angeles businesses. Their quality workmanship is done in a professional manner using reliable parts and diagnostic tools concerning your business HVAC service, repair and replacement needs. Licensed and bonded professional HVAC Contractors, Air Builders stays well-informed on the latest technology to provide the best in energy efficiency.


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