HVAC & Plumbing Co. Gives Houston Area Economy a Boost with Cutting Edge Green Technology

With a focus on conservation, One Call Houston is paving the way for greater Houston homeowners, offering an ecologically sound way to reduce utility costs up to 75%.
One Call Houston HVAC & Plumbing

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 12, 2012 -- Douglas Anderson for Local Service News Houston: Geothermal energy is a highly efficient and eco-friendly way of cooling and heating your home or office, but it remains a largely untapped market due to lack of familiarity and service providers. Especially uncommon in the southern regions of the US where many people assume incorrectly that it’s used only for heating homes, geothermal has seen little adoption despite the incredible benefits. However, One Call is changing that for Houston residents with their streamlined approach and determination to help make Houston a greener city!

Geothermal heating works via a heat pump that employs the earth loop system to draw the heat from the ground. Delivering air through a classic duct network similar to central HVAC systems, the geothermal loop draws heat from buried pipes and distributes it as warm air, while at the same time providing hot water, and even heating the floor of your home! This process is reversed in the cooling mode. Instead of extracting heat from the ground, heat is taken from the air in your home and either moved back into the earth loop, or used to preheat the water in your hot water tank. The result is cool, conditioned air throughout the entire house, using only a fraction of the energy that a traditional air conditioning system would use.

Geothermal Heating and CoolingWhen I asked how in depth installing a geothermal system was, I expected a complicated and perhaps messy process. “It isn’t” points out Edgar; “we drill a hole and run pipes into the ground, install a small pump and heat exchanger about the size of a traditional AC unit, and you’re good to go – it’s not much more complicated that fixing a clogged sewer line, and it will work for virtually everyone! With improvements in technology and the custom processes we've developed for the Houston area, it's very straightforward”. This is excellent news for homeowners and business owners both who may be concerned about the logistics of making the switch to geothermal.

So, why make the switch? Geothermal energy uses 75% less energy on average than the more typical Air Conditioning / Heat Pump combination found in most homes, and has the added benefit of heating your hot water. “Many people aren’t away of the benefits” says Edgar Connery, owner of One Call Houston “nor do they know about the tax breaks & incentives offered for eco-friendly alternatives such as geothermal. Instead, they look at the initial up front cost, not realizing they’ll often pay up to 30% less after these incentives and that’s before the financing we offer”. That's excellent news for Houston homeowners and business owners both, as many of us have been subjected to rising utility costs in recent years.

With the many benefits offered by geothermal, Houstonians are taking notice, tempted by the ability to cool their homes for as little as $20/month and often slashing their total energy bill by 70% or more: “financing has really put these incredible systems in reach of the average homeowner or business owner by replacing rising utility costs with a cheaper, short term loan payment” notes Edgar “and subsequently demand has been crazy!”.

How crazy? According to Edgar’s HR manager, the company has nearly doubled in size this year alone. What does that mean for job seekers in Houston? “We’ve been hiring non-stop since April” Edgar stated when asked. “We still haven’t caught up, we can’t hire fast enough to keep up with demand – we’re always looking for honest people to come and work for us!” Great news to say the least, especially in the current economic conditions.

One Call Houston is a locally owned and operated service company providing air conditioning, heating (HVAC) plumbing and remodeling services to the greater Houston area since 1990. “We’re one of the few HVAC and Plumbing companies that makes an effort not only to offer our customers ecologically sound options, but also to use these same options in our establishment”. (As I write this article One Call is in the process of replacing all of their large fleet trucks with new transit vans, slashing their fuel consumption and carbon footprint by ~60%). Edgar’s comment? “One Call has always treated people right and most of our business is by word of mouth because of that. I’ve decided that we should treat the planet like we treat our customers, with honesty and respect.”

If you’re considering making the switch to geothermal energy for your home (and you should be!) One Call is offering free information to all as well as estimates to those inside the 610 loop. Those interested should call 713-880-5200 or visit http://www.onecallhouston.com (and like their Facebook page for a chance to win $25!).

Written for Local Service News Houston by Douglas Anderson.


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