Give Your Bathroom Warmth and Style With Heated Towel Rails

Towel rails that double as radiators, towel warmers and decoration can complement any bathroom design. They can be wall mounted or floor mounted and fit into any space. Choose between chrome, stainless steel or white finishes as well as those from a special designer range.
Heated towel rails

The traditional style of heated towel rail combines a radiator with extra bars for the towels. These are useful when space in the bathroom is at a premium. They fit very well into a contemporary bathroom, adding a touch of retro style. Floor mounted rails also come with a dual fuel heating facility. An electric element can heat the towel rail in summertime when most domestic central heating systems are switched off.

Accessories for the floor mounted radiator towel rails include chrome finish pipe covers and valves. The valves themselves are made of brass to ensure durability over the years while the chrome finish gives a smooth elegance. Choose from a more minimalist valve design or a traditional angled tap.


Wall mounted towel rails come in a large variety of sizes and can fit into any available wall space. They are ideal for family bathrooms as they will accommodate a large number of towels and avoid towels trailing over the bathroom floor. The size of some of the ladder-style towel rails means that they have a significant heat output. This facility makes the rails perfect for homes in very cold climates.

The bargain end of the product range features wall-mounted towel rails in chrome, stainless steel or white finishes that are heated from the main domestic central heating system. At heights of 800 mm and widths ranges between 400 mm and 600 mm they provide and efficient and budget heating solution for a family bathroom, an en suit or a guest bathroom.

High efficiency ladder towels rails ranging in height between 1100 mm and 1600 mm work effectively in a family bathroom as well as a kitchen or laundry space. The curved ladder rail is becoming a more popular design as it can serve as a piece of art in some larger bathrooms while accommodating more towels in a restricted space in small bathrooms. It is now available at a budget price and can add that extra style to the bathroom without breaking the bank.


The designer range of towel rails features a range of different forms and a large variety of heights and widths that can fit into any space. There are minimalist, flat sided, polished stainless steel wall mounted rails with a mirror finish that add a luxurious touch to the bathroom. You can choose from looped patterns that make an eye-catching feature. Install a heated towel shelf for that luxury hotel effect. The quality of the designer range is assured by a 25-year guarantee.


Warmed towel rails connected to the domestic central heating system or running in an electric element can add comfort, luxury and style to any bathroom. They are available in a range of sizes to fit any space and variety of finishes to suit all tastes.


Judith Walsh writes regularly on kitchen and bathroom design for a wide range of websites and blogs. Visit the website for more information on heated towel rails and view the full product range.


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