Introduces a New Pipe Inspection Camera to its Range of Portable Optic Devices

With a Convenient Portable Design and High Resolution Video, the iSnake Push Camera from Fiberscope.Net takes Portable Field Inspections to the Next Level.
Snake Camera

(PRWEB) August 20, 2012 -- Pipeline technicians have to maintain drains, pipes, and sewer lines on a regular basis in order to determine whether they are blocked or need repair. Locating damaged pipes that might have cracks or be backed up with debris might not be a problem. However, working blind is not an option when it comes to maintaining these pipelines, ducts and conduits that make up a plumbing network. Optical equipment helps workers inspect the otherwise inaccessible myriad of pipes making it easier for workers to maintain and repair pipes, drains and ducts. is launching a new revolutionary device in NDT technology that takes portable video inspection to the next level.

The iSnake mini push camera from offers convenience and value, especially for portable field inspections. This is because it is specifically designed to provide optimum maneuverability, a fact that makes this handy tool convenient for pipe inspections in a wide range of industries. This is what a spokesperson from had to say when asked about the need of portable camera technology in the plumbing industry, “Workers cannot be expected to do what they do best if they cannot see where they need to work. Push cameras give them an unhindered view of complex pipe systems, which is why new innovations in such technology is integral. This next generation of push cameras aims to achieve just that.”

The spokesperson also adds that the iSnake mini push camera is designed to deliver an optimum viewing experience. 12 bright LED lights, with built in illumination control bring home this fact. Besides that the apparatus boasts an easy to carry, highly portable design, no bulky boxes, so it can be carried in one hand. This is an especially important feature when you work in limited spaces. The iSnake comes with a detachable camera head; which allows you to quickly change it if there is ever any issue. The 105mm flexible neck is designed to make it easier for workers to maneuver through curves and joints, which make pipe inspections so challenging. The images are transferred to a 3.5’’ LCD display, which is in color, in order to allow for crisp and clear images. Applications include detecting pipeline damages and obstructions, inspection of process lines, boiler tubes and floor drains amongst other types.

About, based in North America, is an online service provider that offers various industries the equipment that will ensure that their machineries run without any glitches. They cater to a wide range of industries by saving them time and money that would otherwise be lost trying to visually inspect inaccessible areas. The company is known for being one of the fastest growing online suppliers of industrial inspection devices in the country and boasts a clientele that spans across 38 countries. For more information please refer to the following.

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