Comfort Walk in Tubs Offers Seniors Affordable Bathtub to Shower Conversion through TubcuT Technology

Comfort Walk in Tubs now offers an affordable alternative to walk in bathtubs installation by converting conventional bathtubs to a walk in shower via a process called TubcuT.
Comfort Walk in Tubs - TubcuT

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 11, 2012 -- Comfort Walk in Tubs provides seniors with a safe bathing environment through sale and installation of walk in bathtubs. The company affirms that walk in tubs improve the quality of life of the elderly and the handicapped through the safety and health benefits bequeathed by walk in baths products. However despite the advantages that these safe tubs provides, the purchase and the bathroom renovation involve in the installation of safety bathtubs does not come cheap. Mel Newman, the senior sales manager of Comfort Walk in Tubs asserts, “Installing a walk in tub offers a wise but a considerable investment. However, not all seniors can afford a walk in tub installation, especially now that our country suffers financial hard times. In our company’s effort to provide seniors a safe bathing solution suitable to each client’s unique situation, we now offer an affordable alternative to walk in tubs through the Tub Cut Technology.”

The TubcuT is a simple, elegant and a reasonable solution to mobility problems encounter by seniors while stepping in a tub to take a shower at a cost 75% cheaper than most bathroom remodeling. Virginia Pipers, president of Access Designs that created the TubcuT technology explains; “The TubcuT is designed to answer the need to easily convert an existing bathtub safely into a walk in shower. The bathtub can be converted to have a safe through access in just half a day. When the installer arrives, he will work with the bathtub in four to five hours after which the home occupants can already utilized the walk in shower the next morning. The TubcuT offers an adaptable and affordable solution perfect for any traditional bathtub. TubcuT is very flexible. It becomes part of the original bathtub. It is not a cap. It does not sits on top. It suits the existing bathtub giving the same manufactured look.

30 inch wide bathtub Access ConversionBathtub Tile Surround Conversion

The TubcuT is not limited to any type of bathtub materials and can be installed in different types. It can be installed in cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic and in deck tiled mounted whirlpool tubs.” The bathtub conversion to walk in shower provided by TubcuT can also be reversed. When the TubcuT service finishes, the homeowners hold on to the cut out portion of the tub for safe keeping. This save portion of the tub can be replaced back once the homeowner decides to reverse back the TubcuT process and restore the tub to its original factory condition. The interview with Virginia Pipers may be viewed in Comfort Walk in Tubs Bathtub to Walk in Shower Conversion TubcuT Video Presentation.

For more information about the bathtub to walk in shower conversion service; contact Mel Newman by visiting Comfort Walk in Tubs’ website at or by calling the toll free numbers (California) 888-399-1211 or (Pennsylvania) 888-475-6111.

About Access Designs

Access Designs, Inc., headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been innovator of premium quality bathtub mobility products starting 1993. The company boasts of its long standing reputable membership with the Better Business Bureau. Access Designs, Inc. developed the TubcuT™ by means of grants from Virginia Assistive Technology and the Center for Innovative Technology.

About Comfort Walk in Tubs

Comfort Walk in Tubs provides a safe bathing solution for seniors and the disabled by offering affordable quality and safe walk in bathtubs. The Company installs walk in tubs on a national level and seeks highly qualified installers for their premium line of tubs. The company also offers bathtub to walk in shower conversion using the TubcuT Technology provided by Access Designs.

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