Cheap Cold Air: Appliance Direct Knocks the Competition Out Cold

Appliance Direct has tripled their Central Air Conditioning business and installed more replacement units than anyone else in their industry during the month of May. Sam Pak and Mark Salmon pride their business on customer service and low prices.
Appliance Direct Cheap Cold Air

(PRWEB) June 18, 2012 -- Appliance Direct has become the leading seller of replacement air conditioners in Central Florida, installing more replacement units than anyone else in the industry during the month of May. Appliance Direct was able to triple their central air conditioning business over last year’s sales. They are selling more units than any of the other 1,100 central air conditioning dealers in Central Florida because they offer Higher SEER at a Lower Price Installed and the only model with a Lifetime Compressor warranty.

Many customers are switching to Appliance Direct because they have found with other companies they are subject to a big presentation about the marquee brand. Customers then end up with a quote for a dumpy SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio). Mark Salmon, President of Appliance Direct, says, “If you want clarity ask for the standard installation price and then compare from there: size, SEER, model, and warranty.”

Mark also explains the other difference between Appliance Direct and other Central AC Dealers in Central Florida. Appliance Direct portrays rebates differently. “The rebate has nothing to do with the dealer. It’s simply customers money that some dealers use as if they are the ones offering it.” Mark said.

Sam Pak, Appliance Direct Founder and CEO share’s why customers are making the switch to Appliance Direct. “When you talk about Central AC, nobody goes outside every month to look at the compressor logo. They are looking at its SEER and the power bill.” Sam said.

Sam believes that it is all about the installation. “Central Air Conditioning is simple. Our customers already have a unit so it’s usually just a matter of replacing an old less efficient system with a new, more efficient one.” Sam explained.

Appliance Direct, whose headquarters are in Melbourne, Florida, are the largest Whirlpool dealership in the country. They currently have 8 locations throughout Central Florida, and are well known for their brand and unique marketing.

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