Plumbing Problems

Common Bathroom Renovation and Repair Problems

Bathroom Renovation Problems

It's possible to start a bathroom renovation project or repairs without even considering any underlying plumbing issues, but to take this approach usually ends in disaster. Some plumbing problems are easily fixed and easy plumbing jobs can be safely done by the handy homeowner, but more difficult bathroom renovation issues should only be repaired by a licensed plumber - it's important to know the difference.

Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Before you begin your bathroom renovation job or any major repairs, do an audit of the current plumbing problems there might be with your system and setup. You need to consider the following plumbing issues.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Marrietta Thanks Students for Help With Plumbing

VFW Marrietta Thanks Students for Help With Plumbing

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Washington County Post 5108, Marietta, would like to thank the Union Local 168 Plumbers & Pipefitters/Apprenticeship program. When asked, and without hesitation, they stepped forward in regards to a plumbing situation in our kitchen at the Post located at 319 Pike St.

Pat Lang, training coordinator, immediately offered one of the three apprenticeship classes to do the job. Under the professional guidance of Instructor Willie Heiss and retired Master Licensee Plumber John Lankford, the job was completed and done so with expertise workmanship.

Holiday Travel & Home Plumbing Tips to Avoid Costly Problems

Seasonal Tips from the Experts at Roto-Rooter

CINCINNATI, Nov. 27, 2012 -- When pipes freeze, water pressure builds causing cracks, whether the pipe is made of plastic, copper or steel. Even a tiny crack can unleash 250 gallons of water in a single day.  Cracked pipes are one thing but, the real problem comes when the pipes begin to unfreeze.  If you're planning on traveling for the holiday season, take the proper steps to ensure your home's plumbing system will survive the cold and your house is protected from disaster.

If you have a house sitter, leave them instructions for turning off the main water supply to your home, should a problem arise.

Homeowners should watch for damage caused by drought conditions

HOUSTON, TX November 10, 2011 -- Homeowners may face lingering plumbing problems due to this year’s extended drought conditions such as diseased trees, foundation problems and broken water pipes. But, what are some of the warning signs of damage caused by drought conditions?

Observe National Toilet Tank Repair Month With Mr. Rooter(R) Toilet Diagram

Mr Rooter

WACO, TX, Oct 11, 2011 -- The dripping sound coming from the kitchen sink usually means money is going down the drain. But toilets often leak silently, leaving homeowners unaware of the water and money they're wasting. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water a day.

Pumpkin Pulp and Seeds Can Spook Your Home's Plumbing System

Mr. Rooter®

WACO, Texas, Oct. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns is an age-old Halloween tradition. However, it can turn into a plumbing nightmare if the pulp and seeds go down the garbage disposal. With the usual increase in clogged kitchen sink drains and jammed garbage disposals plumbers see this time of year, Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is already prepared for the spike in calls.

Project Heat's On kicks off in Green Bay Fox River Valley, Wisconsin

Green Bay Plumbing Wisconsin

GREEN BAY, WI -- The annual Heat's On Project assists low-income homeowners. It  brings together local union members, contractors, vendors, community service agencies and fire departments to ensure the safety of heating systems for low-income elderly and disabled residents at the onset of colder weather.

The Pink Plumber: Offering quality and affordable service and repairs

The Pink Plumber

ATLANTA, GA – The Pink Plumber is a renowned name when it comes to service and repairs. From plumbing, heating, air conditioning to septic tanks Atlanta they have expertise in all the fields. Their rates are competitive. They charge by the job and the best thing is that all of their work is 100 percent guaranteed. This company offers two types of truly incredible maintenance agreements namely plumbing protection program and heating & air conditioning system service. Both the agreements include priority customer status and preferred customer value rate for one year.

California Plumber Launches Information Portal on Home Plumbing Solutions

PASADENA, CA – Care One Professional Plumbing today announced the launch of as an information portal for California County home owners to find information about plumbing solutions, and home improvement tips. With articles being added almost every day and an online monthly newsletter of home improvement tips the website is anticipated to quickly become California’s primary resource web site for plumbing and home improvement information.

Plumbing Remodeling Services, HUB Plumbing Boston, MA

HUB Plumbing Boston, MA

BOSTON, MA -- As with any home remodeling project, making over your bathroom or kitchen can be a challenging project. While all room remodeling plans present their own unique challenges, the bathroom and kitchen in particular feature working around essential plumbing.

These types of tasks should never be handled as “do-it-yourself,” as the reliable Boston MA plumbing and remodeling experts at Hub Plumbing can assist you in these areas.

Hub Plumbing is a full service plumbing and HVAC company catering to both residential and commercial properties in the Boston area. The trained and knowledgeable staff treats every customer like a celebrity, rolling out the “red carpet service,” to keep your floors protected and give you the ideal plumbing experience. With such a customer-comes-first mission statement, Hub Plumbing is truly the company to count on when it comes to room restoration in your home, and will be by your side every step of the way.

Ben Franklin Plumbing Repairs Your Faucet in Houston, TX

Ben Franklin Plumbing Repairs Your Faucet in Houston, TX

HOUSTON, TX -- As one of the most important features in your kitchen or bathroom, the faucet supplies essential water for you and your family. Whether keeping your hands clean or staying hydrated, a free-flowing faucet is an essential aspect of the room. But as any homeowner knows, faucets are prone to leaks caused by daily wear and tear, and a small leak can quickly become a large problem.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs During Carmageddon Weekend

Emergency Plumbing Repairs Carmageddon

 In Los Angeles they’re calling it “Carmageddon”: the closing of 10 miles of  San Diego Freeway, the fabled “405” from West L.A. to the San Fernando Valley. The road will be closed for 55 hours over the weekend to tear down a bridge as part of a freeway widening project. In case of a plumbing emergency you should call a plumber on the right side of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Why Older Homes May Need a Larger Plumbing Vent

Older homes

My house is more than 100 years old. I’ve lived here for 35 years. Lately, my downstairs toilet won’t empty out. I had a company come and they ran a snake down the bowl. The toilet still wouldn’t empty.

Then they removed the bowl and ran an electric auger down the hole until they could see the end of the auger before it went to the line between the house and the road.

Old pipes causing trouble with kitchen sink

trouble with kitchen sink

Ed the Plumber: Advise on replacing old galvanized water lines that are connected to the kitchen faucet.

Question: Thanks for helping out all of us homeowners who have plumbing questions and need to be pointed in the right direction. We live in an older home and recently replaced our kitchen cabinets, countertop and sink. We especially love our new kitchen sink and faucet. Since the new sink is in the same spot as the old one, I reconnected it myself to the existing water and drain lines.

Belleville Sewer Testing Using Smoke

Bellville Plumbing Sewer Test

BELLEVILLE, IL-- The city of Bellville Illinois will begin smoke testing of sanitary sewers on Monday, 21st of February and will continue for about a month. The smoke will not enter your home if your plumbing is good and water traps intended to keep out sewer gases contain water.

The city will be opening manholes and forcing smoke into the sewer lines in a couple of sections of east Belleville to see where it comes out. The testing identifies defects in the sewer lines, including any fresh water drainage still getting into the system.

Arizona Plumbing Code ill-suited to Freezing

Arizona Plumbing Code

TUCSON, AZ -- Here's what we know about the four-day freeze that swept through the area earlier this month. It left plumbers booked for days. The freeze recorded the second-coldest February temperature in the annals of Tucson weather, behind a 17-degree day in 1899.

Tucson Water demand went from 76 million gallons on Wednesday to 111 million gallons on Thursday, as leaks erupted in water pipes and other facilities.

Cold Causes Plumbing Issues

Lubbock plumbing issues

LUBBOCK, TX -- Although the South Plains is expected to warm up during the remainder of the week, Lubbock residents were prompted to keep their heaters on to prevent frozen pipes as overnight temperatures continue to remain below freezing.

When the temperatures reached the single digits last week, local plumbing companies had their hands full responding to calls of frozen drains, burst or shattered pipes, fire sprinkler leaks or broken heaters.

From Feb. 2 to Feb. 4, the region experienced freezing temperatures, 1 to 3 inches of snow and very low wind chill levels, according to the National Weather Service.

Tucson Plumbers Blitzed by Busted Water Pipe Repairs

Tucson Plumbers

As the temperatures continue to plummet, more and more water pipes are bursting and the phone lines to Tucson area plumbers are heating up. Hundreds of phone calls, all reporting the same problem: frozen water pipes. Busted pipes means big business for Tucson plumbers, with plumbing techniciansbeing dispatched from the Oro Valley to Vail.

Metro Water said they've received 200 phone calls and around 50 people are left without water on the Northwest side due to frozen pipes.


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