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Medit Inc Announces a New Inspection Camera for Multiple Purposes: "Voyager" Snake Scope

New Inspection Camera for Multiple Purposes: "Voyager" Snake Scope

Winnipeg, Manitoba (PRWEB) April 08, 2013 -- Fiberscope’s Voyager snake scope is an advanced entry level inspection camera.The Voyager features three lengths (1,2,3m) and two diameters (5.5, 9.5mm) to meet differing inspection needs. The CMOS camera chip along with 4 LED lights that are built into the tip of the water proof probe provide clear bright images. Live video is shown on a 3.5” TFT LCD monitor with adjustable positioning for better viewing, and video or stills can be saved onto an included SD card. This snake scope is made to appeal to someone who wants the benefits of NTD inspection without the cost of a heavy duty industrial unit.

Fiberscope.net Introduces a New Pipe Inspection Camera to its Range of Portable Optic Devices

Snake Camera Fiberscope.net

(PRWEB) August 20, 2012 -- Pipeline technicians have to maintain drains, pipes, and sewer lines on a regular basis in order to determine whether they are blocked or need repair. Locating damaged pipes that might have cracks or be backed up with debris might not be a problem. However, working blind is not an option when it comes to maintaining these pipelines, ducts and conduits that make up a plumbing network. Optical equipment helps workers inspect the otherwise inaccessible myriad of pipes making it easier for workers to maintain and repair pipes, drains and ducts. Fiberscope.net is launching a new revolutionary device in NDT technology that takes portable video inspection to the next level.

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