Avoid the Bad Type of Black Friday

Roto-Rooter provides Thanksgiving Day plumbing tips to help you stay safe and dry this holiday season.
Avoid Bad Type of Black Friday

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) November 14, 2012 -- Household drains are like Swedish people, under-appreciated until they’re clogging. The Thanksgiving season is here which means goodbye office and hello family, friends and great food. As families spend time together and enjoy one another, household plumbing systems are required to work overtime.

A house full of guests during Thanksgiving may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back — assuming the camel’s back an aging, home plumbing system. With more people underneath one roof, every pipe bringing water in, or waste out, is going to be working overtime. While this alone won’t necessarily cause a new problem, it may very well exacerbate a small, unnoticed problem.

Most plumbers report that a broken garbage disposal is the most common service ticket they are called on to repair during the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Whether it’s a broken garbage disposal or a backed up sink or toilet, Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year for a plumbing company.

You can spend your Black Friday blowing money on electronics and clothing and not on an expensive emergency visit from the plumber, simply by adhering to these tips:

  • Never pour cooking grease, fats, or oils down the drain or garbage disposal. Instead, mix the liquid with coffee grounds, kitty litter, or powder laundry detergent so it becomes a solid, making it easy to toss in the trash.
  • Only put food down the garbage disposal when it is turned on and water is running into it. Also, do not empty entire plates of food down the disposal.
  • Do not throw facial, feminine, or baby changing products down the toilet. These products do not dissolve and can quickly cause a clog. Keep waste baskets in every bathroom to ensure proper disposal of non-toilet paper products.
  • Inspect visible pipes and plumbing fixtures around your house for leaks and slow drains. Also, inspect the hoses on your washing machine for cracking, bulging or wear-and-tear.

Following those simple steps can help avoid a costly visit from the pipe doctors. Black Friday should be black because people are out, fighting large crowds for all of the great bargains, not black because they are in, mopping up the disgusting water on the bathroom floors.

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