3 Reasons To Be An Eco-Friendly Tradesperson

As general attitudes towards the environment are changing it is becoming of vital importance that businesses begin to implement eco-policies to try and appease these changing attitudes

In this day and age it is said to be vitally important to be eco-friendly in business and in life, but if your a tradesperson does it really matter if you are an avid supporter of eco-friendly policies? Nowadays it seems like the public take an great interest in the welfare of the planet, so it fits that tradesmen and small businesses should do also.

Here are three compelling reasons to become an eco-friendly tradesperson:

1. To Improve Your Reputation

As general attitudes towards the environment are changing it is becoming of vital importance that businesses begin to implement eco-policies to try and appease these changing attitudes. Now, this can obviously be easy for big businesses with huge financial clout and very difficult for businesses and tradesperson who can often not dedicate the time and money to this. However, it certain sectors being a certified environmentally friendly company can be vital for customer reputation, and ultimately the deal breaker for business success.

Working with, and being licensed by governing bodies such as the Environment Agency not only notifies customers that you are doing your bit for the environment, but also that all work you are carrying is above board and legal.

Robert works with A1 Clearances, and commented "It's essential to be registered with an Environmental body so that your customers and the public at large trust you and respect the services you are delivering".

2. To Organise Your Workspace

If you work in a small workspace you can very easily become cramped and hindered during exceptionally busy periods. Not only is this impractical, it is also very dangerous with hazards such as tripping over and fire becoming more rife. Implementing an organised recycling policy can help you minimise on waste and increase the overall space in your place.

Local recycling companies/facilities should always be used for periodic waste, and this waste can be organised in different bins outside the workspace before using these facilities. This will ensure any waste you have is out of the way before it is recycled.

3. To Make Your Business More Attractive

Having eco-friendly policies will certainly make your business and services seem more attractive. As mentioned before changing attitudes need to be seized upon to improve your reputation, and this in turn will make your business more attractive. Your business can also be made more attractive to customers by using eco-friendliness online, using a main website and many social media websites. Promoting eco-friendly policies online can help create more of a buzz around your business, ultimately leading to more enquires.

Certified agencies and their logos can appear on your website to make it easy for customers to see who you work with. Articles and blog posts about the environment are also hugely popular online, for example, creating a blog about your eco-friendly policies can help increase your online reputation and website visibility.

If you are a tradesperson you don't have to dedicate large sums of money to eco-friendly policies. If you become more aware of the environment by doing simple things such as recycling and find a way of informing potential customers about this online you can help increase your reputation both with existing customers (who can spread this by word of mouth) and potential customers online.


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