August 2011

Ben Franklin Plumbing Repairs Your Faucet in Houston, TX

Ben Franklin Plumbing Repairs Your Faucet in Houston, TX

HOUSTON, TX -- As one of the most important features in your kitchen or bathroom, the faucet supplies essential water for you and your family. Whether keeping your hands clean or staying hydrated, a free-flowing faucet is an essential aspect of the room. But as any homeowner knows, faucets are prone to leaks caused by daily wear and tear, and a small leak can quickly become a large problem.

Plumbing Remodeling Services, HUB Plumbing Boston, MA

HUB Plumbing Boston, MA

BOSTON, MA -- As with any home remodeling project, making over your bathroom or kitchen can be a challenging project. While all room remodeling plans present their own unique challenges, the bathroom and kitchen in particular feature working around essential plumbing.

These types of tasks should never be handled as “do-it-yourself,” as the reliable Boston MA plumbing and remodeling experts at Hub Plumbing can assist you in these areas.

Hub Plumbing is a full service plumbing and HVAC company catering to both residential and commercial properties in the Boston area. The trained and knowledgeable staff treats every customer like a celebrity, rolling out the “red carpet service,” to keep your floors protected and give you the ideal plumbing experience. With such a customer-comes-first mission statement, Hub Plumbing is truly the company to count on when it comes to room restoration in your home, and will be by your side every step of the way.

Mexican Lavatory - Hand Painted Mexican Talavera Sinks

Mexican Lavatory - Hand Painted Mexican Talavera Sinks

Remodeling your bathroom or powder room? You will achieve the look you are after with a hand painted ceramic mexican bathroom sink. The handpainted talavera lavatory of Puebla, Mexico is made from talavera pottery a type of majolica pottery, which is distinguished by it’s beautiful milky-white glazing. These hand painted ceramic bathroom Mexican sinks and hammered copper sinks designed to synchronize elegantly with handpainted Mexican ceramic talavera tile ad hammerd copper tiles.

25% Discount for Online Orders OutToday Plumbing Heating & Electrical Seattle

OutToday Plumbing  Online Discount

SEATTLE, WA -- OutToday Seattle Plumbing Heating & Electrical is offering a 25% discount to customers who book an appointment online. The offer also extends to furnace maintenance and repairs ordered online. OutToday also offers emergency plumbing, heating and air conditioning service for Seattle, Washington, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company operators are on standby so that a technician can be at a home within an hour of an emergency call.

Seattle Water Heater Installations from WA Plumbers

Plumbers Seattle, WA Water Heater Installations

SEATTLE, WA -- Your residential water heater plays a very important role in your daily water usage. When filling the bathtub, or taking a shower your water heater is your most important plumbing system. The skilled Seattle, WA water heater installation technicians at WA Plumbers will be able to assist you with any of your residential water heater replacements & installations.

Atlas Plumbing Service, of San Francisco, Offers Camera Inspections

Atlas Plumbing Service, of San Francisco

SAN FRANSISCO, CA -- Until the end of August, Atlas Plumbing service, of San Francisco, is offering free camera inspection with any main sewer cleaning because they believe in the importance of proactive inspections to prevent problems, like drain such as clogging, which can end up being expensive if they persist too long. The advanced camera inspection will help identify a problem before it needs major, costly repairs.

Homeowners can take advantage of the free camera inspection to see for themselves what is happening with their sewer lines while the camera moves through the plumbing. Atlas Plumbing can also provide a DVD copy of the inspection for the homeowner.

Kitchen Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures and Commercial Equipment at

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA - Household and commercial equipment such as appliances come in a variety of types and brands. However, procuring these market and home appliances can become a daunting task given that these items and products can easily confuse consumers.