Pex Universe Now Provides Heatstar Gas Heaters For Consumers With Personal And Professional Needs is a leading distributor of heating and plumbing supplies that now offers a variety of Heatstar products for commercial and residential use, which includes garage heating and workshop heating.

FOREST HILLS, NY  -- Pex Universe strives to change the way people think about heating and plumbing in both professional and personal settings, providing contractors and homeowners with reliable comfort by guiding them to the appropriate unit(s) for their needs. Their catalog and dedication to unique service is what separates them from other companies. now provides a range of gas-unit heaters, infrared heaters, propane-tank top heaters, and vent-free heaters by Heatstar. Each is designed to comfort consumers based upon the area size they wish to apply a unit to.

Pex Universe's Heatstar gas heaters are categorized by their power output and are proven to be reliable solutions for almost every environment, depending on what type of heating system one desires. They are also quite easy for contractors to install and generally don't take up much, if any room.


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