Only the Best Plumbers Use a Pipe Parana

The Pipe Parana is made in the U.S.A., the fitting removal tool can drill the fitting of a pipe removing broken fitting shoulder while leaving male end of pipe to re-use or re-glue.
Pipe Parana Fitting Removal Tool

The "Pipe Parana" fitting removal tool was invented by a plumber to allow himself to remove broken fitting shoulders while leaving the male end of pipe in tact to re-use or re-glue, saving precious time and materials. The Parana is by far the easiest way to fix a broken closet flange.


  • 3″ Flat Shank
  • Case Hardened to Rockwell Standard
  • Precisely Shaped teeth
  • Laser Cut
  • Can Be Sharpened with a File
  • Pipe-Centering Guide
  • Removable Bottom Guide for Short Sweep Fittings
  • Roll-Pinned Guides to Not Fall into Pipe
  • Solid Hardwood Case
  • Rope Handle
  • Wood Case

Fitting Removal Tool

In 1995, while I was working on a gym remodel, the tile guys buried my closet flanges in 6 inches of cement. With no way other than jack hammering up the floor, which would have been expensive and time consuming, I knew there had to be a better way. With the thought in mind that “necessity is the mother of invention,” a couple of hours at my friend’s weld shop, and a few trips to the industrial store, the “fitting removal tool” was born.

Returning to the job with the new tool in hand proved to be the ticket. In minutes, the flanges were removed and couplings glued into place–job done. The tool soon gained popularity in my plumbing circle, which forced the process of tool production. This tool is not often used, but when that time comes it’s “money”!

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