New Helpful Benrich Boiler And Water Treatment Service Videos

Benrich Service Company has been working to provide videos that encompass each of its services. Learn more about the Benrich Services by watching detailed videos.
Benrich Service Company Boiler And Water Treatment Videos

(PRWEB) January 18, 2013 -- Benrich has been working to provide videos that encompass each of its services. The first video is the Benrich Boiler Preventative Maintenance (PM) video. The video gives visual aids to help explain the detailed work, benefits and purpose of PM services. It will also cover information on what it means to become a Preferred Contract Customer at Benrich.

Many individuals are visual learners which is what makes the Benrich Service Videos so helpful!

The boiler PM service video can be seen on the Benrich website under the water heating section.

The Benrich Water Treatment video is also available under the water treatment section. This video explains how the Benrich Water Treatment System protects piping systems from the harmful effects of hard water.

It covers everything from installations, service and performance. For properties that have ever experienced pin-hole leaks, slab leaks, corrosion or other water-related issues with your piping system; water treatment is the number one solution.

By the end of the year, Benrich hopes to provide a plumbing service video as well. This will detail the many Benrich plumbing services from snaking and jetting to backflow testing and slab leak repairs. So stay tuned.

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