Moen Reflex System is Now Available - New Arbor High-Arc Pullout Faucets

New MOEN Reflex™ pulldown faucet has a comprehensive system of features and design enhancements that improve the way your faucet functions.
Moen Reflex Faucet

NEW YORK, NY (February 8, 2012) -- Only Moen pullout faucets and pulldown faucets feature the new Reflex™ technology. The Reflex faucets uses a comprehensive system of features and design enhancements that will improve the way your faucets function and the way you use your kitchen faucet.

The Reflex pullout and pulldown faucet system was engineered specifically for pullout and pulldown usage, these improvements will work in concert with each other to enhance the overall functionality and usability of your faucet.

Because the Reflex System was developed and created based on the input from actual users of the faucets, the faucets with Moen Reflex will naturally respond to the way you work, and the way you want your faucets to work.

Reflex™ Pulldown Features & BenefitsReflex pulldown features

  • Easiest to Release - Compared to any other pulldown design, Reflex makes Moen pulldown faucets at least 40%
    easier to unlatch and extend*.
  • Exceptional Range of Motion - Combined with an ultra-flexible hose, the spray wand swivels to offer a wide range of
    motion and effortless, natural response.
  • Self-retracting Action - Only pulldown faucets with the Reflex System will retract to the docked position from
    any distance without additional assistance.

Reflex™ Pullout Features & BenefitsReflex Pullout Features

  • Exceptional Range of Motion - The ultra-flexible hose enables exceptionally easy maneuverability. Pullout models with Reflex also feature a swivel joint to improve range of motion.
  • Generous Reach - Ample hose length extends the convenience so you can accomplish more tasks in and around
    the sink.
  • Smooth & Secure Retraction - The Reflex System ensures the pullout sprayer travels easily in and out of the faucet but holds firmly in place when not in use.

The Reflex™ system is now available on a number of Moen pulldown and pullout kitchen faucets to offer smooth operation, easy maneuverability and secure docking.

For more information on the Reflex system, check out the MOEN website.


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