Green Turtle announces ProceptorPDI, a PDI-certified grease interceptor with the proven technology of Proceptor

CHARLOTTE, NC, Oct. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Green Turtle is proud to introduce the latest in its ever-expanding line of engineered grease interceptors, Proceptor® PDI. ProceptorPDI represents the cutting edge in fats, oils and grease (FOG) management, as well as unparalleled peace of mind regulatory compliance by virtue of its long-proven patented flow design and tank shape, first brought to market as the Proceptor line of fiberglass grease interceptors nearly twenty years ago.

Today, in response to those who rely on Proceptor gravity grease interceptors but have been blocked by regulations requiring PDI certification, Green Turtle has answered with ProceptorPDI, the class-leading engineered gravity grease interceptor available immediately as a hydro mechanical grease interceptor certified by the Plumbing and Drainage Institute to an unmatched 100 gallon per minute and grease holding capacity of 200 pounds.

Plumbing Design Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Foodservice Establishment Owners and Facility Managers have a new option for turnkey installations or replacement of failing PDI traps.

ProceptorPDI, with its superior flow rating and unmatched ability to capture and hold larger volumes of grease and sediment food solids, can serve several sinks, dishwashers, floor drains, and food disposal devices. Pumping frequency is decreased due to the larger storage capacity, eliminating daily or weekly maintenance and pumping of conventional metal traps.

Installation options are nearly limitless as ProceptorPDI can be installed above ground, in the kitchen, in basements, or buried in the floor or outside the building. Fully H-20 Traffic rated, and available with secure cast iron covers or skid-proof fiberglass lids, ProceptorPDI is the most flexible PDI certified grease interceptor on the market.

Backed by Green Turtle's industry-leading 30 year warranty, owners of ProceptorPDI can be confident in the knowledge they have installed the last grease interceptor they will ever need and that the cycle of replacement of failing metal traps will be forever eliminated. The result is lower total cost of ownership and increased ROI.

ProceptorPDI is available for immediate purchase and delivery. You can learn more at:

About Green Turtle

Green Turtle® is a leading provider of point-source wastewater pretreatment solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. With almost 20 years of direct experience in effluent water management and environmental problem-solving, our technology and expertise help customers meet sanitary sewer regulations while protecting the watershed, public health and communities.

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