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Easy-to-Use AcousticEye DUET™ Inspection System for Tubes and Pipes to Increase Operational Efficiency versus Existing Techniques
When your HVAC unit is maintained and used correctly, you can save up to 30% off your energy bills. A few small changes can put a chunk of the money you normally spend on energy back into your pocket.
The best low flow high pressure showerheads are enhanced with the Water Select® valve. Get the most out of a low flow high pressure showerhead using the Water Select® valve to gain the ability to enable the water spray at full force or turn it down all the way to a complete stop to save water and money while in the shower.
Electrolux launches a cool, new experience and online sweepstakes where consumers nationwide can enter to win a new refrigerator and a trip to a climate with a Perfect Temp - the Bahamas!
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This article will show some ways to unclog a drain with septic tank, tips to fix a slow drain, problems you may face while unclogging a drain and preventive measures to avoid blocked drains and a septic tanks. As well as how to unclog a septic tank and tricks to solve common septic problems you may...
Rachael Jones is a blogger for DIYMother, where women aren’t afraid to use power tools in a dress. When deciding to renovate your bathroom, part of the dilemma is coordinating the décor and deciding if you should replace your outdated sink with a double or single bathroom vanity. Both types...
Portable air conditioners are console units that can be moved from one room to another or to a different location such a storage shed or a pool house. The problems with portable air conditioners are that they are a bit more expensive than regular window units A\C’s and they consume more energy to...
In times defined by energy conservation and need to save money on heating bills, many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce costs while not sacrificing the comfort of a heating system. There are a few things to consider and various tips that can serve to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump...
If you suspect a plumbing leak in your home, don't wait for it to get worse. Target the problem with these DIY tips and save yourself time and money by identifying the issue before calling in the professionals. Water leaks on your home can cost you a bundle. However, how do you know you have one...

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